Anti-racism campaign moving beyond billboards, Duluth

The Un-fair Campaign has made quite a splash since it was unveiled only two weeks ago. The campaign is intended to raise awareness about “white privilege” — institutional racism that gives white people unearned advantages over others simply because of the color of their skin.

But its provocative billboards have sparked a backlash in Duluth and beyond. A Facebook group called the “Stop Racist Unfair Campaign” has attracted hundreds of members critical of the campaign’s tactics.


Other parts of the country are also taking note. KPCC, the major public radio station in Los Angeles, aired a 40-minute segment on the campaign on the Patt Morrison Show.

Organizers are now moving on to its second phase, a series of discussions, speeches and films scheduled around Duluth. They aim to encourage dialogue and move beyond the soundbites featured on the billboards.

The first event take place at 7 p.m. tonight, with the screening of a video talk called “Power, Privilege and Difference” by sociologist Allan Johnson, at the First United Methodist Church. Others, including a series of three community dialogues facilitated by the St. Paul Foundation as part of their Facing Race Initiative, are scheduled throughout February and beyond.