Bon Iver wins at Grammys, legislating via amendment, Ron Paul’s border strength

Grammys 2012: Bon Iver thanks the ‘talent that’s not here’

LA Times: “The easygoing folk pop band Bon Iver was named best new artist, and the act’s mastermind, Justin Vernon, used his time on the Grammy podium to thank ‘all the non-nominees who never will be here.’ While the likes of Kanye West have endorsed Bon Iver, the Midwestern act was competing against bigger names such as rapper Nicki Minaj and electronic sensation Skrillex. Like Arcade Fire’s album of the year win last year, Bon Iver’s nomination and win is a victory for the independent community.”

Duluth News Tribune: “Michael Baker, a 1975 Duluth Central High School graduate who went on to become a drummer to some of pop’s biggest stars and Whitney Houston’s music director for two decades until her death Saturday, doesn’t talk much about the adversity in her life. In an interview last May, he said simply that he’d ‘seen it all’ during every stage in her career. On Sunday, he again accentuated the positive and concentrated on the joy that Houston brought to millions, calling her a sweet person who brought beauty to the world. ‘She was really, really a wonderful person,’ Baker, who has a home in Woodbury, Minn., told the News Tribune in a phone interview from Los Angeles, where he arrived Sunday afternoon. ‘I would just say that she was someone who brought something incredibly special to the world.'”

Dayton vetoes civil lawsuit bills, blasts GOP leadership

MPR News: DFL Gov. Mark Dayton vetoed the first bills sent to him this session on Thursday, and he used the occasion to blast Republican legislative leaders.

Legislators respond to property tax complaints

St Cloud Times: “Property owners are peeved about rising tax bills this year, rural lawmakers and a prominent business leader in Central Minnesota say. The blowback has at least two local legislators, Rep. Sondra Erickson, R-Princeton, and Sen. Dave Brown, R-Becker, rethinking the votes they cast last year.”

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Schlienz admitted shooting, blamed it on courts

Duluth News Tribune: “In one of the first calls he made at the St. Louis County Jail, 42-year-old Daniel Schlienz explained to a friend in his hometown of Grand Marais why he shot Cook County Attorney Tim Scannell and Grand Marais resident Gregory Thompson on Dec. 15, blaming it on frustration with the court system.”

January tax collections below forecast

Capitol View: “Minnesota Management and Budget says general fund revenues were $107 million below forecast in January. The agency says revenues are $45.5 million less than forecast for the fiscal year that runs from July 1 to June 30. The latest revenue forecast details the state’s tax collections for the past month.”

Proposed amendments to Minnesota’s constitution carry GOP dreams

Forum Communications: “Minnesota Republicans look to the state Constitution as a way to enact some of their pet policy dreams. In some cases, the constitutional amendments are ways to get around Democratic Gov. Mark Dayton, who would not approve of their policy choices.”

Warm winter extends ferry season between Bayfield and Madeline Island

Duluth News Tribune: “If a resident of Madeline Island wants to catch tonight’s 7:30 showing of “Star Wars: Episode I” in 3-D at the theater in Ashland, they’ll have to plan on a 15-hour commitment.”


Rick Santorum’s plan to derail Mitt Romney

Politico: “Rick Santorum’s campaign is eyeing a pair of swiftly approaching Midwestern primary states as its best — and perhaps only — opportunity to deal a mortal blow to Mitt Romney and permanently transform the Republican presidential race into a one-on-one duel to the finish.”

O Canada: Ron Paul excels in northern border states

Smart Politics: “The vote for Paul is nearly double in states bordering Canada compared to the rest of the nation for both caucuses and primaries during the 2008 and 2012 election cycles.”

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