Fanning drops out of MN-08 race, fighting anti-Somali bigotry, growing bold ideas locally

DFL’er Daniel Fanning drops out of Congressional race

WDIO: “Democratic candidate for Minnesota’s 8th Congressional district, Daniel Fanning, told Eyewitness News he’s withdrawing from the race.”

Minnesota must battle against anti-Somali bigotry

“Somalis weren’t involved in 9/11 but are bearing the brunt of the reaction,” writes Hussein Samatar in the Star Tribune.

MN Today contributor Don Reeder highlights an editorial from Winona Daily News on the need for bold ideas in state and local government. “Too often, we’ve seen state government pass along unfunded problems to local government and schools — and then, with tremendous audacity, scold the locals when they raise money to pay for the solutions.”

Twin Ports researchers get five-year contract to study Great Lakes environmental issues

Duluth News Tribune: Researchers will look into the possibility of converting older bulk carriers, many of which were built in the 1950s, to run on natural gas. “These ships are going to have a problem in their current state with what is coming down the road” for air emission standards, Michael Parsons tells the paper. Parsons is a professor who will lead the study. “Converting to natural gas would make them some of the cleanest ships on the lakes.”

Also making news:

Duluth News Tribune: Duluth superintendent sill without a license

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