Drinking winter away, Dome home, Dutch join new Poet plant

Study indicates Mid-westerners like to binge drink

mapbingebrink.jpg Image from The Atlantic

The Atlantic: Binge drinking varies from one in ten adults (10.9 percent) at the low end of the spectrum to more than one in four (25.6 percent) at the high end. There is something of a binge drinking belt across the north of the country, running westward from New England, Pennsylvania and Ohio to Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, North Dakota and Montana. Alaska ranks high too, suggesting that long, cold winters might play a role, though tropical Hawaii is in the top tier as well.

NPR’s Talk of the Nation had a particularly interesting show recently about new binge drinking studies. “The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has found that binge drinking, usually associated with young people, is an issue among adults as well. And the University of Connecticut recently found Dr. Dipak Das, who studied an ingredient in red wine, had falsified data on its benefits.”

Board, union at odds over contract

Owatonna People’s Press: “After negotiating teams from the Owatonna school board and the teachers’ union failed to reach a compromise on a new two-year contract, a mediator will now be brought in to bring the two sides together.”

Dayton: Metrodome can work for Vikes

Big Story Blog: “Gov. Mark Dayton this afternoon said the Metrodome site can still be a viable option for a new Vikings stadium and that team owners and lawmakers would meet Wednesday to talk about the newest turn in the stadium debate.”

Poet, Dutch company will team to build cellulosic ethanol plant

Argus Leader: “The Sioux Falls-based company is working with Royal DSM, a technology company from the Netherlands, which will contribute enzyme and yeast technologies to the venture. Poet CEO Jeff Broin said the companies had been in talks for six months. The Department of Justice will need to approve the partnership.”

2 women removed from rural Bemidji, Minn. home after deputies find 50-55 dogs

Bemidji Pioneer: “Two women were removed from a residence Monday afternoon after law enforcement officials found between 50 to 55 dogs and some cats at two mobile homes located in the 4500 block of Grant Valley Road Northwest, south of Grass Lake and west of Bemidji.”

New Ulm, Sleepy Eye look at four-day school weeks

Mankato Free Press: “Faced with budget deficits and cuts, New Ulm and Sleepy Eye school districts are both eyeing four-day school weeks.”

Legislature gavels in

Op-Ed: Minnesota’s sex offenders — dealing with the worst in a better way

Star Tribune: “The convening of a new legislative session wouldn’t be complete without more or less far-fetched hopes of greater bipartisan harmony. Yet on one particularly toxic issue, Minnesota’s leaders really have begun a calmer, more constructive discussion worth noting and encouraging.”

Gridlock still haunts the halls of the Capitol

St Cloud Times: “With every legislator up for re-election this year, Republicans grappling with divisions in their ranks and the potential for more constitutional amendments on the ballot, there are plenty of potential landmines, threatening the quick and quiet session legislative leaders want.”

Lawmakers discuss start of ’12 legislative session

New Ulm Journal: “Sen. Mike Parry, during his stop in New Ulm for his campaign for Minnesota’s 1st District, said he was hearing the most support he has ever seen for racinos, specifically to fund a new stadium.”

Legislators list priorities for ’12

Marshall Independent: “Minnesota politicians get back to work today, and local lawmakers say they are focused on putting more Minnesotans in that exact same situation: back to work.”

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