Bachmann runs again, Somalia transfers restored, Native American remains under Pamida

After failed presidential bid, Bachmann aims again at 6th District

MPR News: “U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann announced today that she will seek re-election in the 6th District. With one exception in 2008, the third-term congresswoman has won past elections by safe margins, but that could change as the state redraws congressional district lines. Bachmann explained that she’s running again for Congress because of her strong opposition to President Barack Obama’s agenda. Speaking to reporters in Washington, Bachmann said she wants to repeal the federal health care overhaul Congress passed in 2010 and to overturn the Dodd-Frank Act, legislation that adds more government oversight of financial institutions – both of which she vigorously opposed during her presidential campaign.”

“Congresswoman Bachmann has worked extremely hard on behalf of Republican principles for the past three terms in Congress. She continues to fight for limited, Constitutional government, personal freedom, traditional values, and a strong and secure America. We are thankful to have her on our side and confident in what she will continue to accomplish on our behalf in Washington” — MNGOP Chairman Pat Shortridge (release).

“I don’t think there’s a lot of common ground that we see with Michele Bachmann,” he said. “Her positions are really of the mainstream. They don’t represent the people of the 6th District and frankly she hasn’t represented the people of the 6th District for the last year as she’s run for president” — State DFL Party Chairman Ken Martin, MPR News.

Bachmann by the numbers

Amount that Bachmann clues have netted Jeopardy! contestants over the past year: $1,200 (Smart Politics).

The questions:

1) “In 2011 this congresswoman from Minnesota’s 6th district gave a State of the Union rebuttal on behalf of the Tea Party.”

2) “Michele Bachmann gave her biological children this schooling; the state wouldn’t let her do it with her foster kids.”

A) What is home schooling?

Also on MN Today

Cash lifeline to Somalia: Restored but precarious

Star Tribune: “Amid heightened scrutiny from banks and federal regulators, Minnesota’s Somali money transfer shops are fighting to stay alive.”

Babbitt residents stunned after man allegedly stabs 3-year-old girl, then is shot by police

Duluth News Tribune: “Authorities say a Babbitt man stabbed 3-year-old Natalee Lynn Walker twice before carrying her out of their home shortly after 5 p.m. Tuesday. He was later shot by police as he pointed a knife at the child in a threatening manner.”

Pamida’s closing brings back discussion of burial site

MPR News: “Skeletal remains were uncovered during construction of an addition to the store in 1988. Now, some members of the Indian community say the store’s closing is an opportunity to restore honor to a site that was occupied by their ancestors for thousands of years.”

Native Americans allege systemic racism in Carlton Co.

WDIO: “Protestors accused attorneys and authorities in Carlton County of arresting and charging more Native American people with crimes because of their race.”

State pushes forward with Medicaid waiver

Politics in Minnesota: “DHS officials have been quietly working on a plan to set aside federal rules governing state’s MA program.”

DNR would let wolf hunters kill 400

Star Tribune: “The proposal is designed to manage, not reduce, the population.” MPR News: “Hunters could use firearms, archery equipment, and muzzleloaders. Calls and bait would be allowed, with restrictions.”

OccupyMN protesters arrested in downtown Minneapolis

WCCO: “We are disappointed that US Bank chose to ignore thousands of signatures and their customers cries for help as the foreclosure continues to rip apart our communities.” said activist Ben Egerman.

Twin Cities broker accused in $3.3M mortgage fraud

Business Journal: “The owner of a Maple Grove real estate company has been charged in a mortgage fraud scheme that the state says cost lenders $3.3 million.”

Arrowhead considered for new Magnetation plant

WDIO: “Magnetation is the company that takes old iron ore tailings and turns them into concentrate. That concentrate is used to make steel. They have one plant running in Keewatin, and are building two more.”

Business groups poise for development in unmanned aviation industry

MPR News: “The FAA in 2012 will establish six test sites for unmanned aircraft. North Dakota hopes to get one of those sites, and a group of Minnesota businesses is organizing to take advantage of the growing industry.”

Photos: Snow show will go on, but not the judging

Pioneer Press: “Dusty Thune of St. Paul sculpts a polar bear out of snow in downtown St. Paul’s Rice Park. … His Winter Carnival creation, made with snow from Lake Elmo, won’t be officially judged because the snow-sculpting contest was canceled because of the lack of snow.”

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