Pull-tab support, gay marriage challenge for Catholic bishops, crow wars

Dayton: Electronic pull-tabs for stadium are best option so far

Gov. Mark Dayton says he thinks the recent hearings in the Minnesota Senate are helping build consensus about the best way to finance a new Vikings stadium (MPR News).

Op-Ed: Lutheran leader confronts state’s Catholic bishops over gay marriage

“Church leaders should embrace, engage all, says the former presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America,” from the Star Tribune. The commentary is from Herbert Chilstrom, former presiding bishop of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of America. Chilstrom challenges his Catholic “brothers” to allocate 30 hours to have 15 one-on-one conversations with gays and lesbians. “Thirty hours are a pittance compared to the time you are investing to promote adoption of the marriage amendment. Use the time, not for confession, but to listen to them describe what it is like to live in our culture in Minnesota.”

Sutton admits signing agreement for gov recount legal fees, failing to tell other party officials

“Party officers and insiders have maintained that the state GOP is not legally required to pay back nearly $500,000 in legal fees racked up during the 2010 gubernatorial election recount,” reports Politics in Minnesota.

Minnesota cattlemen happy that TB is controlled and they can sell anywhere

“Minnesota cattlemen are celebrating the reopening of markets nationwide after tuberculosis found in one cow six years ago hurt their sales. Gov. Mark Dayton today issued a proclamation proclaiming TB free day for the state’s cattle industry after 58 herds were destroyed,” Forum Communications reports.

Rich around the world snapping up Minnesota firewood at $40 a box, plus shipping

Pioneer Press: “We Americans might depend on places like Saudi Arabia for the gas we burn in our cars. But guess where a well-heeled Saudi goes if he wants some white-barked birch logs, like the kind you see in designer magazine layouts, to burn in his fireplace.”

Company hired to roust Rochester’s roosting crows

“Rochester is calling in professionals to roust roosting crows from downtown,” reports the Post Bulletin. “The details of the plan are similar to an announcement several weeks ago except now, instead of saying Mayo Clinic will be hiring the professional company, the city is doing it.”

Minnesota Sounds and Voices: Ignore ‘The Birds,’ embrace the crows

As they do with the coming of winter every year, thousands upon thousands of crows — maybe even millions — have started to swarm, caw and roost each night in downtown Minneapolis. They’re likely attracted by the city’s warmer climate compared to the countryside (MPR News).

Group: North Dakota among ‘filthy 15’ states

“An environmental advocacy group issued a report Wednesday ranking North Dakota among the nation’s “filthy 15″ in emissions of toxic pollutants from coal-burning power plants,” reports the Forum of Fargo Moorhead.

Occupy Duluth changes tactics after breaking camp

“About 15 people connected with the Occupy Duluth movement hopped on a bus Sunday night for a 24-hour trip to Washington, D.C.,” reports the Duluth News Tribune.

Bachmann book sells just 3,000 copies in two weeks

Michele Bachmann’s weak poll numbers may be showing up in slow sales of her memoir, Core of Conviction. In the two weeks since the book was released, it’s sold just 3,000 copies despite a media blitz and numerous book-signing events by Bachmann (MPR News).

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