Voters surrender control of hospital, schools see mixed election results, Weather Service nixes “wind chill”

Voters approve 70% of all school referenda; many raise own taxes (MPR News)

Virginia voters surrender control of local hospital

Eighty six percent of the votes cast supported a change to the city charter that will allow the taxpayer-owned hospital to affiliate with a larger health care system (MPR News).

Stillwater voters narrowly defeat measures for additional money for schools

Voters in Stillwater Area Schools narrowly voted down three ballot measures Tuesday that would have increased property taxes to bring in more money for district operations, technology and facilities (Pioneer Press).

Owatonna voters rejects $23.8 million school referendum

In Owatonna, the $23.8 million referendum failed. The district wanted to purchase the old Pillsbury College building, and to make renovations at Willow Creek intermediate school. Since it did not pass, the two other measures to related also failed (KAAL).

Congratulations to new city councilors Jennifer Julsrud (pending recount), Garry Krause (returning to the council after time off), Linda Krug and Emily Larson.

For the School Board, the winners are incumbent Judy Seliga Punyko and newcomers Michael Miernicki and Bill Westholm.

As for the various questions on the ballot, it’s good for parks and bad for schools (Perfect Duluth Day).

Rushford municipal liquor store to stay closed

Rushford’s municipal liquor store will stay dark.About 56 percent of voters — a 352-277 margin — decided Tuesday night to keep the store closed, according to unofficial results, a vote that aligned with the Rushford City Council’s wishes (Winona Daily News).

St. Paul voters take new ranked-choice ballots in stride

St. Paul’s first taste of ranked-choice voting seemed to go down easily Tuesday, as roughly 30,000 voters showed up at polls to pick city council members (Pioneer Press).

Voters say no to all three Duluth school district levy requests

District officials and the School Board asked voters to approve up to $5.6 million for schools each year for five years, all from local property taxes, to help reduce class sizes, buy new textbooks and improve math and science efforts (Duluth News Tribune).

More news from Tuesday’s election from MPR’s Minnesota Today.

National Weather Service says so long to wind chill terminology

The National Weather Service in Bismarck says it won’t be issuing wind chill values this winter (Bismarck Tribune).

Andersen cutting 250 jobs mostly in Bayport

A continued slump in the housing market translates to another round of layoffs at Andersen Corp. The Bayport-based door and window giant said Tuesday it will 250 jobs by the end of December (Pioneer Press).

Minnesota Poll: Dayton hangs on to support even after tough year

A majority of Minnesotans say Gov. Mark Dayton is doing a good job at the state’s helm, according to a new Star Tribune Minnesota Poll (Star Tribune).

Bachmann tries the ‘outsider’ card

Michele Bachmann on Tuesday worked to distance herself from Washington and a Congress with disapproval ratings in the mid-80s, calling herself a mother at heart who relates deeply to the struggles of other moms across the country (The Hill).

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