Remembering veterans, election results shifts focus to legislature, carp fatigue?

Commentary: Remember the sacrifices of veterans

Though it is impossible for us to ever fully repay our veterans, thanking them for their service, and their sacrifice, is the least we can do (Eden Prairie News).

Dayton proposes expansion to veterans programs

On the eve of Veterans Day, Gov. Mark Dayton is proposing two initiatives designed to help and honor Minnesota’s military veterans. One would help more veterans find work. The other would restore funding for honor guards at military funerals (MPR News).

Paintings to honor veterans

The first of five 10-by-8-foot oil paintings honoring veterans and their sacrifices created for the Minnesota State Veterans Cemetery is on display at the Duluth Depot (Duluth News Tribune).

Editorial: Voting for education

Despite referendum success, school finance reform is needed (Star Tribune).

Levy lessons from November 8 votes

This week’s school levy referenda victories demonstrate Minnesotans’ commitment to investing in education, despite conservative “no-new-tax” rhetoric. As school funding from the state is on a 13% inflation-adjusted decline, voters delivered a strong message to policymakers that they must fix education funding at the state level (Daily Planet).

Facial scan leads to charge against Burnsville man

The match has led to an indictment of a Burnsville resident on a charge of unlawfully re-entering the United States after having been deported to Mexico as a criminal, according to Jeanne F. Cooney, a spokeswoman for the U.S. attorney’s office (Star Tribune).

Sappi plans $170 million investment in Cloquet mill to produce fiber for clothes

Sappi paper company announced Thursday that it will stop making pulp at its Cloquet mill and start making chemical cellulose that’s made into a fabric for clothing, wet wipes and other consumer products (Duluth News Tribune).

Carp fatigue setting in?

There was a time, not long ago, when environmentalists could arouse fears of invasive Asian carp by highlighting videos of four-foot-long fish leaping out of downstate rivers. A recent event in Chicago suggested that sparking public panic about Asian carp these days requires more pizazz (New York Times).

A few protesters break off from Occupy Duluth camp

Two factions camping on public property outside the Occupy Duluth camp have riled police and created a minor stir at Civic Center Plaza (Duluth News Tribune).

Ed Pauls, developer of NordicTrack, Dies at 80

Ed Pauls, whose frustration at running on ice-slick Minnesota roads led him to develop the cross-country skiing simulator known as the NordicTrack, died on Oct. 9 at his home in Montrose, Colo. He was 80 (New York Times).

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