Unoccupying Duluth, home sales up, Bachmann’s memoir whopper

Police tell Occupy Duluth members to leave

Duluth police officers, including Chief Gordon Ramsay, reiterated to Occupy Duluth protesters today that they must leave the Civic Center unless they obtain a permit (Duluth News Tribune). The paper also reports on an effort to waive the permit fee and requirement to carry liability insurance.

Minnesota home sales surge in October, but prices still falling

Minnesota’s home sales shot up 24 percent in October from a year earlier, though the median price declined to $140,000 (Pioneer Press).

Day care union vote meeting ends with plenty of questions

The morning-long committee meeting ended with many questions, including some that the Dayton administration officials who plans to conduct the unionization election could not answer (Capitol Chat).

UMD med school profs say school cannot post lectures

A move to record lectures and make them available online at the University of Minnesota-Duluth Medical School is creating a stir among the faculty and causing tension with students (MN Daily).

Mayo Clinic’s Mall of America store opening early for Black Friday

The clinic today is announcing a series of changes to the store, which is a prototype for a possible permanent Mayo Clinic facility as part of a proposed expansion of the Bloomington mall (Pioneer Press).

Michele Bachmann’s memoir, fact-checked

The GOP presidential candidate spins lots of good yarns in her new memoir–none more audacious than her pledge to tell the reader the truth (Mother Jones).

Rochester woman living a year on WWII rations

Saying she wants to better understand what her grandparents experienced during World War II, a 31-year-old Rochester woman is spending a year living as close as she can to the ration mandates Americans were under during the war (MPR News).

Op-Ed: Don’t like turkey day creep? Don’t participate

It would be nice if all businesses could give all of their employees all holidays off. And I know some people would like to go back to the old blue law days when it wasn’t legal for most businesses to open on Sunday. But that’s not the world we live in anymore. A lot of people work nights. A lot of people work holidays. And when they’re not working, some of them like to shop (Rochester Post Bulletin).

Paintings of Western Lake Superior

Community, life and landscape around the western shores of Lake Superior, from Grand Marais and the North Shore to the Apostle Islands and the South Shore.

(Dana Johnson)

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