Moorhead mulls bong ban, oil boom extends Westward, Saturn returns

Moorhead City Council takes up drug paraphernalia ban tonight

The impassioned debate over an ordinance to ban the sale of drug paraphernalia here will have its second round tonight before the City Council (The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead).

North Dakota oil boom spreads to Rockies

Speculation that the oil-rich Bakken shale formation may extend as far west as the Rocky Mountain Front has sparked increased leasing of land along the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains and in north-central Montana (Forum of Fargo Moorhead).

Suzlon Energy chair: wind power faces zero margins, U.S. ‘Boom and Bust’

Suzlon Energy, based in Ahmedabad, India, stopped manufacturing rotor blades and nose cones at its Pipestone factory in Minnesota at the end of 2010, and will only resume U.S. production “if we get five-year visibility” on policy (Businessweek).

Minnesota River’s revival gaining steam

After decades of neglect and abuse, cities and counties along the volatile banks of the Minnesota River are plotting billions of dollars in riverside developments and spending millions to buy and refurbish land, bridges, trails and parks (Star Tribune).

Upper Minnesota River in American great outdoors promising projects report (Redwood Falls Gazette).

Jordon won’t help gravel pit with pollution problems

“The city of Jordan has a philosophical objection to mitigating avoidable contamination,” City Engineer Tim Loose said. On Nov. 7, the Jordan City Council passed a resolution to submit to the county. “It says we’re not going to be part of the solution to your pollution problem,” Councilmember Jeremy Goebel said (Jordan News).

After hitting “rock bottom” pro wrestler rebuild life in Albert Lea

After a long bout with drug addiction, which led to Perry Satullo becoming homeless, the former superstar — known around the wrestling world as Perry Saturn or — decided it was time to turn his life around and make a comeback. That path brought the former star to Albert Lea (Austin Daily Herald).

Lutefisk: love it or leave it?

On Tuesday, hundreds flocked to the Emmons Lutheran Church 51st Lutefisk Supper.

For Don Bartness and Elaine Johnson, this was merely one of eight or nine stops on their yearly lutefisk circuit. Johnson had eaten it her entire life, though not always by choice (Albert Lea Tribune).

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