Home for the holiday, a tale of two statements, slower deer hunt

St. Cloud-based Guard unit returning from Iraq

The unit was supporting the drawdown in Iraq with its six helicopters. The unit flew 800 missions, transported 49,500 personnel and more than 7 million pounds of cargo from Iraq to Kuwait, according to a news release (Saint Cloud Times).

Police clear Civic Center camp; Occupy Duluth members debate next steps

After having their camp cleared by police early Tuesday, Occupy Duluth members were debating Tuesday evening on what their next steps might be (Duluth News Tribune).

Northland ministers sue Duluth over free speech rights

According to a federal complaint filed Friday, minister Steve Jankowski, of Duluth, and Peter Scott, of Hibbing, said a police officer ordered Scott to stop sharing his beliefs at the Bentleyville Tour of Lights last November (WDIO).

Super committee

For Bachmann and the super committee, a tale of two statements

Monday evening, the presidential campaign released one of its own — and the differences between the two reflect the ways in which Bachmann’s tone changes depending on her role as either congresswoman or presidential candidate (MinnPost).

Editorial: Enough with all the ‘super’ talk

There’s probably not a daily newspaper in this country that didn’t run a supercommittee story on Page 1 Tuesday, but we ask: Was it even news? Newsworthy, yes. But news? We believe it was more of a foregone conclusion than anything (Marshall Independent).

Campaign 2012

GOP debate In 100 seconds: It’s a scary world out there

Once again, the GOP candidates gathered for a debate, this time in the heart of dysfunction and argument, Washington DC (TPM).

By the numbers

Minnesota deer harvest tops 180,000, down 7 percent

Deer hunters in Minnesota have bagged about 180,000 deer so far this season, down about 7 percent from this time last year. Firearms hunters have killed 161,000 deer, down 10,000 — or 6 percent — from 2010. The decline still is blamed on poor harvest opening weekend of the firearms season because of high winds (Star Tribune).

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