Life in the floodzone, Bachmann’s battle at home, northern lights advisory

Moorhead City Council to hear feedback on proposed flood assessments

Residents will get a chance today to tell City Council members what they think of three proposals to assess properties for permanent flood protection (Forum of Fargo Moorhead).

GOPers suspect Bachmann will run for re-election in MN-06

Some Republicans suspect the 55-year-old Minnesota congresswoman, despite denials, will run again for her House seat. She can decide as late as May 5 and would be a re-election favorite, though redistricting has made hers a less safe Republican seat (New York Times).

DFL party chair compares Bachmann to Wellstone

During the St. Paul event, Martin credited Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann for being an authentic politician. While Martin made it clear he opposes Bachmann’s political ideology, he said Bachmann appeals to some people because she is consistent on issues, just as former DFL Sen. Paul Wellstone was (Capitol View).

Vikings urge tax shift for a new stadium

Team suggests using such revenue as income taxes from players and team workers for public’s share (Star Tribune).

MakeMusic buys Internet music software company

Eden Prairie-based MakeMusic said in a news release it purchased Recordare’s MusicXML open format and Dolet software technology, including copyrights, sourcecode and trademarks (Bizjournals).

Group calls for Minnesota divestment from Israel Bonds

The Minnesota Break the Bonds Campaign plans to sue the state for its investments in illegal projects that violate the human rights of Palestinians (MinnPost).

Minnesota Opera commission based on the play “Doubt”

John Patrick Shanley is set to create an opera based on his Pulitzer Prize-winning play, “Doubt,” with the help of the composer Douglas J. Cuomo (“Arjuna’s Dilemma”). Commissioned by the Minnesota Opera, the production will feature a libretto by Mr. Shanley and music by Mr. Cuomo (New York Times).

Northern lights expected tonight

6 aurora cme-thumb-500x312.gif

Keep an eye to the northern sky after dark tonight. According to NOAA, there’s a 58% chance of northern lights tonight (Updraft). To get the best view Minnesotan’s in the Twin Cities might want to hit the road and head away from the light pollution.

lp_metro.jpg Metro-area light pollution map, assembled by MAS member Craig Cotner, shows the extent of the problem. Pink areas are heavily light-polluted with incrementally less pollution indicated by yellow, green and purple (Minnesota Astrological Society).

The last retrieve of 2011

The number of Minnesotans who try their luck at shooting ducks out of the sky decline year after year, but the tradition remains strong for some and the overall population of ducks is healthy.

By the numbers

Number of pizza delivery drivers allegedly bilked out of delivery charges by Domino’s: 1,600

Foodbeast reports that Domino’s Pizza is facing a federal class-certified lawsuit in Minnesota for keeping the delivery charges paid by their customers.

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