Royals embraced by Duluth, OccupyMN renews left’s mojo, Clark leads DFL MN-08 money race

Duluth prepares for visit from Norwegian royals

The King and Queen of Norway arrive in Duluth Monday afternoon on the last full day of their trip to the region. The royal visit has garnered a huge amount of attention in Duluth, which displays its Norwegian heritage perhaps even a bit more prominently than most of Minnesota (MPR News).

The Cities: Norwegian royalty in Minneapolis

Commentary: If the modern world has a place for royalty, Harald and Sonja may be the model

Rallying behind Wall Street protests, the left finds its mojo

Rep. Keith Ellison (D-Minn.), co-chairman of the CPC, gave an audible sigh of relief when asked if he felt refreshed by the movement.”I have been down to the Occupy Minnesota movement and I plan on going to the Occupy D.C. movement, but I’m not going to ask for the microphone,” he said (The Hill).

OccupyMN looks to move camp across street

Protesters hope a new site would avert confiscation of tents (Star Tribune).

Next big thing looms on Minn. Iron Range

New mining projects promises “hundreds of jobs, if not thousands of jobs” in a struggling region, said Bob McFarlin, vice president of public and governmental affairs. He described the mineral reserves as “vast, world class, possibly among the largest untapped nickel and copper resources in the world” (AP).

St Croix turtleneck maker lied about Steve Jobs connection

Reps for the brand are now skirting around the issue, saying that it’s the first time they’re hearing that it’s not their shirt. Well, as long as they’re profiting off this lie, at least they’re dedicating $20 of each purchase toward the fight against cancer. Still, false advertising–bad look, St. Croix. Bad look (Time).

Tarryl Clark tops third-quarter fundraising in 8th

Former state Sen. Tarryl Clark’s $228,000 raised in the third quarter topped incumbent Republican Rep. Chip Cravaack as well as two of her challengers for the DFL nomination. Cravaack, who raised $206,000 in the third quarter, still maintains the edge in his campaign war chest in the 8th District (Star Tribune).

Pawlenty Campaign still $450,000 in debt

T-Paw needs some moolah.Politico reports the former governor of Minnesota, who dropped out of the presidential race after a poor straw poll showing in August, has reported some over $450,000 of debt remaining from his failed bid for the GOP nomination in 2012 (Slate).

Surprising pheasant numbers for Governor’s Pheasant Opener

House Speaker Kurt Zellers bagged the rooster, but Gov. Mark Dayton fired plenty of zingers Saturday as he inaugurated the first Governor’s Pheasant Opener near the Lac qui Parle refuge northwest of Montevideo (West Central Tribune).

BWCA fire 90% contained, but wind has been a problem (Star Tribune)

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