Around MN: redistricting, early life in Minn, Bachmann’s slide

Judges plan meetings to hear public redistricting thoughts

Five judges on Tuesday begin hearing Minnesotans’ opinions about fair congressional and legislative districts, a topic that surfaces every 10 years but is little understood by the public (Fargo-Moorhead Forum).

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New info on state’s earliest inhabitants found in BWCA

A group of researchers scoured areas around Knife Lake this summer based on a theory that people lived in the area much earlier than previously thought. Theory: Paleo-Indians first inhabited far northern Minnesota as glaciers receded 11,000-12,500 years ago (MPR News).

Pagami Creek fire 71 percent contained as weather warms

The cost of battling the stubborn fire is estimated to be $14.2 million, and 530 people remain on the scene. The fire has swept across about 93,000 acres, but spokesperson Larry Helmerick said it has not grown in appreciable size for several days, as crews appear to be gaining the upper hand (Duluth News Tribune).

Union seeks meeting with sugar beet growers

The union workers have been locked out of five sugar processing plants in Minnesota, North Dakota and Iowa in the company’s first labor impasse in 30 years (WDAY).

Could sliding Bachmann fall back on House seat?

A loyal GOP base back home, uncertainty over district boundaries and tepidness by possible successors are helping keep Bachmann’s political options open. But among party operatives and past allies, there are increasing doubts that Bachmann will try to reclaim her seat – or would even want to go back to the House (Pioneer Press).

Bachmann’s small donors demonstrate faith

When presidential candidate Rep. Michele Bachmann reports her summer campaign fundraising totals in a few weeks, $100 of it will have come from Milton Vanderpool, a 62-year-old plumbing contractor who lives east of Dallas, in Tyler, Texas (MPR News).

From comics to missiles, Legacy funds land far afield

Amendment money is helping some offbeat efforts (Star Tribune).

Minn. women accused of terror financing face trial

One of two Minnesota women accused of funneling money to a terrorist group in Somalia allegedly told potential donors to ignore charities and focus on “the jihad” and helped finance local Somali men’s travel to their war-torn homeland to fight, prosecutors alleged in court filings (WCCO).

Ethiopian, Kenyan win Twin Cities marathon

An Ethiopian woman and a Kenyan man won $15,000 apiece on Sunday after their victories in the Twin Cities Marathon (KSTP).

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