Harvest season corn mazes becoming more intricate


Fall is the season of the corn maze, and there’s a pretty neat one near Park Rapids.

Creating corn mazes has become a tradition for the owners of Carter’s Red Wagon Farm. This year, Tony Carter spent months planning the maze on a grand scale. An aerial view of the 4.5-acre maze shows the shapes of a loon, moose, a canoe and a large map of the state of Minnesota, among other things.

Those navigating the maze will run into state-specific factoids and trivia along the way.

The maze design was done on a computer, then marked out in the field as the corn was planted. The maze pathways were pulled by hand as the plants sprouted.

The maze is the main attraction for Carter’s pumpkin parties, set for 10:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. each Saturday through October. The Red Wagon Farm is a few miles south of Park Rapids off Hubbard County Road 15.