Around MN: Domestic violence rises, BWCA fire damage becomes clear, Hobo farmers

Domestic violence murders on the rise

In less than a month, three Twin Cities women have died from domestic violence. The latest victim is a 44-year-old woman from Coon Rapids who called police for help, just hours before her death. So far this year, 19 women have died at the hands’ of an abuser, compared to 16 women in all of 2010 (Fox9).

For Bachmann, a Bid to Reconnect in Iowa

Hoping for a second look from Republicans who just two months ago considered her a front-runner, Representative Michele Bachmann is going back to basics — a lot of hand-shaking and shoulder-rubbing at small events in early-voting Iowa (New York Times).

Ford puts date on St. Paul plant closing: Dec. 19

Workers at the Ford Motor Co. plant in St. Paul got the word Monday: The 86-year-old facility will close Dec. 19 (Pioneer Press).

Trial of 2 Minnesota women accused of funneling money to Somali terror group heads to jury

Federal prosecutors said two Minnesota women knew it was illegal to provide money to the terror group al-Shabab in Somalia, yet conspired to do so anyway — going door-to-door to collect donations under false pretenses while hiding their true motives to ensure they didn’t get arrested (AP).

Costs of fighting BWCA forest fire reach $21 million

Officials say the costs of fighting a huge forest fire in and near the Boundary Waters Canoe Area have reached $21 million (Fargo Forum).

51 campsites severely damaged by Pagami Creek Fire

There were 114 campsites impacted by the fire, with 41 having light fire effects, 22 sites with moderate effects and 51 sites that had severe effects (Ely Echo).

‘Hoboes’ await sugar beet harvest work

A new kind of hobo is helping harvest the sugar beet crop in the Red River Valley (Fargo Forum).

Losing record may hurt push for new stadium

Fans are frustrated. “I turned the game off after three quarters,” says Eric Johnson, a Vikings fan from Minnetonka. “I just got too upset.”Public perception of the Purple is low, considering their 1-5 start, and it’s not coming at a good time as talks regarding a new stadium heat back up (KARE).

Republican legislative leaders said they won’t support any stadium bill that raises state taxes. They also want Dayton to guarantee that some Democrats vote for a stadium before they put up any Republican votes (MPR News).

Tom Powers: Like it or not, you will be paying for a new football stadium

Wake up, folks. You ARE going to pay for a new Vikings football stadium. There is no question about that. You’ll pay now or you’ll pay later. But you WILL pay (Pioneer Press).

Tom Powers fails to understand anti-stadium Wilfare crowd

For people opposed to the stadium today, arguing that it would cost more in the future is irrelevant. Taking a stupid idea and making it twice as stupid doesn’t justify the original idea (The Deets).

Being bad might provide Luck to Vikings

You know who Andrew Luck is, right? The next sure-fire standout NFL quarterback. The second coming of Peyton Manning or John Elway. He’s NFL-polished, has a rocket-launcher for an arm and can probably cure the common cold. He does attend Stanford, after all (Duluth News Tribune).

More on the stadium debate from The Big Story blog.

Paulsen, Clark top third-quarter fundraising for Congress

In the race for Minnesota’s congressional seats, Republican U.S. Rep. Erik Paulsen and former DFL state Sen. Tarryl Clark took in the most cash for their 2012 campaigns (Politics in Minnesota).

Also in MN-08, Jeff Anderson nabs firefighter endorsement.

Whooping cranes sighted in south-central Minnesota

The Department of Natural Resources reports rare whooping cranes have been sighted in Rice and Le Sueur (leh-SOOR’) counties in south-central Minnesota. DNR regional nongame wildlife specialist Lisa Gelvin-Innvaer calls the reports “exciting” since so few whooping cranes exist in the wild (AP).

EPA chief fights farm-dust myth

A bill co-sponsored by Rep. Kristi Noem to ban the Environmental Protection Agency from adding regulations on dust in rural areas is moving ahead in Congress, even though some say it’s a non-issue (Mitchell Republic).

Trump joins Bachmann tele-rally, continues to question Obama’s birthplace

He made it clear his participation in the call was not an endorsement of Bachmann. Trump praised the Minnesota congresswoman but said that Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s entrance in the race “took a lot of her thunder” (CBS).

New Ulm walking tour

Historic New Ulm, Minnesota, is the home of stories, not just buildings. Listen to a few of them on this visual walking tour. (New Ulm History)

Minnesota Scenes

Wells Fargo Building

Wells Fargo Building by Josh Ebbers via Flickr

A view of the Wells Fargo building in Downtown Minneapolis. Taken from the Foshey Tower Observation Deck

“This photo was taken in September 2010, the weather was nice, I think in the low 80s.” Ebbers writes. “I like the look of the wells Fargo building in MPLS and no other reason for taking other than I just like taking pictures.”

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