Around MN: farming and pollution, budget woes save wolves

Farming practices are at the center of a Minnesota water pollution debate. For example, fears are growing about sediments filling in Lake Pepin. Friday at noon, we’ll host an online chat with a southern Minnesota farmer and an environmental leader. They are both concerned about water quality — but have different ideas about how to improve things.

Minnesota wolf-trapping program to end

A lack of money will end a federal program that has quietly trapped and killed thousands of wolves in northern Minnesota in the past 33 years, officials said (UPI).

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As BWCA fire dies, call for controlled burns is renewed

Firefighters have contained 67 percent of the Pagami Creek Fire, erasing fears that the blaze could threaten area homes. But in northern Minnesota, some are still angry that Forest Service officials decided not to snuff out the fire when it first ignited (MPR News).

Campfire ban lifted

Recent precipitation, cool temperatures and higher evening humidity has lowered the potential for campfires to cause a wildfire in northeastern Minnesota (DNR).

Food waste anaerobic digester planned for Le Sueur

An 8-megawatt anaerobic digester that would run on a mix of food processing waste including sweet corn silage and potato and bean waste is proposed for the southeast Minnesota town of Le Sueur (Biomass Magazine).

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Michele Bachmann owes her 6th District constituents a refund

If we were to pay our goldbricking congresswoman on a pro rata basis for the time she was actually working for us in the past three months, we would dock her $174,000 annual paycheck $25,534.50 (Ripple in Stillwater).

Chris Christie and New Jersey’s 95-year presidential nominee drought

Only two states with larger populations than New Jersey have had longer droughts in producing a major party presidential nominee (Florida and North Carolina). (Smart Politics)


An open letter to U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann

From one mother to another, I’m asking you to reverse your campaign promise and err on the side of safety. For my child. For your children. For everyone’s children. It’s just that simple (Star Tribune).

  • Angry Citizen


    We need to make sure that the ban on killing wolves remains in tact. Too many laws enable these killing squads (hunters) the rights to kill animals. Wolves were endangered species and need to remain safe from the killing squads. I see the dots on the map on the News today, which indicate spots where complaints have been made and yet I am not convinced these are wolf kills. I wonder how many of those complaints come from people who want to hunt and kill animals. I am always suspicious of complaints like this because I oppose killing animals and would never want to shoot an animal for any reason unless I was endanger or my children were. So many times those who want these killing laws to appear on the books are HUNTERS (KILLING SQUAD MEMBERS). For the sake of these beautiful animals we need to protect them from these HUMAN PREDITORS.