Around MN: School districts turn to voters for help

School districts grapple with state funding shift

Many school districts will be borrowing money to make up for the loss of state funds, said Gary Amoroso, executive director of the Minnesota Association of School Administrators, based in St. Paul (Rochester Post Bulletin).

120 school districts to make pitch to voters for tax help

Voters across Central Minnesota this fall are being asked to help schools by raising taxes. As many as nine area school districts and as many as 120 in Minnesota will have at least one question on the Nov. 8 ballot. Many will have two, and one will have three (St. Cloud Times).

Farmington’s debt reduction plan will require eight property tax increases

Farmington’s proposed debt reduction plan requires property tax increases for eight of the next 12 years, and would fundamentally transform the way the city budgets (This Week Live).

Also on MN Today

Unpopular ‘No Child’ leaving plenty of students behind

Minority, poor kids have not made the desired gains (Star Tribune).

Third confirmed case of measles in Dakota County

A 43-year-old Dakota County woman has been diagnosed with the third confirmed case of measles in Minnesota this month (KSTP).

Duluth’s underground plight comes to light in documentary

Duluth has more than 400 miles of underground water pipe, 300 miles of storm sewer pipe and another 400 miles of sanitary sewer pipe all underground. And much if it is old, like the pumping station still in use in east Duluth where the brick is stamped 1890 (Duluth News Tribune).

Minnesota DNR continues to track North America’s oldest known wild bear

She’s 37 years old now, the oldest known wild bear anywhere in North America, ever. Known as No. 56 to Minnesota bear researchers, she’s living up near Marcell, says Dave Garshelis, leader of the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources’ bear project (Duluth News Tribune).

Vin Weber: Flawed Iowa strategy doomed Pawlenty campaign

It was a flawed strategy for Tim Pawlenty to focus almost exclusively on Iowa ahead of the Aug. 13 Ames straw poll, Vin Weber, formally a co-chairman of the Pawlenty presidential campaign, told MinnPost in an interview (Minn Post).

American Legion convention — and Obama — revisit Minnesota

The American Legion National Convention returns to its roots in Minneapolis this year for the annual gathering of thousands of veterans and friends (West Central Tribune).

Sasquatch claims draw TV show to Minnesota

Add bigfoot to the list of possible wild animals to call northern Minnesota home (The Forum of Fargo-Moorhead).

The Great Minnesota Get Together

How fair are those State Fair specials?

We found some hot, as well as tepid, deals from the sellers there (Star Tribune).

Epiphany Diner prepares for last supper

“It’s the last first day,” says Rhonda Dillon as she rallies her volunteer troops before the gates open at the Minnesota State Fair. Her zest turns somber for a moment. “So this is it,” she says (KARE 11).

Rick Nelson’s State Fair new food picks: try the sweet corn ice cream

Restaurant critic Rick Nelson hails the best — and disses the worst — of the new foods at the Minnesota State Fair (Star Tribune).

The Bachmann Files

Bachmann: Natural disasters a warning to D.C. from God

Speaking in Florida, Michele Bachmann ventures into the risky territory of attributing political motive to natural disasters, calling the events of the last week a wake-up call from above (Politico).

Stillwater bridge project a target for Bachmann’s rivals

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is pushing a $690 million local transportation project that has raised questions from government-waste watchdogs and could become a target in the GOP presidential primary.

Bachmann claims about Medicare bogus, experts say

While on the campaign trail this summer, the 6th District congresswoman has repeatedly said Medicare will “go away” under Obama, and that the president wants to push seniors into “Obamacare,” but Bachmann’s Medicare claims are off base, say a trio of Minnesota political and health-policy experts (Saint Cloud Times).

Bachmann: Everglades could be spot for drilling

Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann said Sunday that she would consider oil and natural gas drilling in the Everglades if it can be done without harming the environment (AP).

MN Scenes

34/52: The Fair is in Town (swirley part 2) by keithjsemmelink, via MPR’s Flickr pool

34/52: The Fair is in Town (swirley part 2)

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