Around MN: Duluth mural work to resume

Work will resume on the “Unity in Community” mural in Duluth’s Cascade Park after three of the artists involved had their concepts approved Monday night at City Hall.

The approved artists — Oscar Lopez, Jeredt Runions and Laurel Sanders — presented their creative visions to the Duluth Public Arts Commission and, after debate that was closed to the public, the commission voted to give them the go-ahead on their parts of the project (Duluth New Tribune).

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Oil spill’s impact on loons, pelicans to be studied in Minnesota

Minnesota wildlife biologists now have the money they need to study the impacts of the 2010 BP Gulf of Mexico oil spill on the state’s loons and pelicans (Detroit Lake Online).

Superior’s Clough Island, conserved

Clough Island will get a boatload of visitors Tuesday as conservation leaders from Wisconsin and Minnesota join state and federal natural resource officials to celebrate protection of the largest island in the largest estuary of the largest freshwater lake in the world (Superior Telegram).

McCollum among those looking to save the House Page Program

Twenty-nine House members have asked House leadership to reconsider the decision to end the House Page Program, and Minnesota’s Betty McCollum is among them (Minn Post).


Our View: Taxpayers have right to answers on Excelsior

What happened to our more than $40 million? And what’s with the speculation that the dreamers of a coal-gasification plant on the Iron Range may come asking us for more cash? (Duluth News Tribune)

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Dave Durenberger: Life begins at 50

The Tim Pawlenty I learned to know and respect enjoyed public service and the difference one person could make in public policy. The Republicans who will decide which person takes on President Obama next year are not the kind of Minnesota Republicans who brought Pawlenty to work for me (NIHP).

Rep. Paulsen goes to Israel: day one

There’s lots happening here, as always. In fact, it was characterized to us on my bus ride to Jerusalem, these are not only interesting times, but these are also unusual times. Unusual because of the 8 months of the Arab Spring, which is seeing “the street” engaged in democratic decisions in these countries (Twin Cities Jewfolk).

The Bachmann Files

Bachmann reports increase in value of family farm

The value of the family farm for which Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann has taken some heat recently has increased, according to her personal finance disclosure report for 2010 (Saint Cloud Times).

Bachmann stands by $2 gasoline pledge

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn.) is doubling down on her vow to drive gasoline prices to less than $2 per gallon if she’s elected president, a pledge that 2012 GOP rival Jon Huntsman said isn’t rooted in the “real world” (The Hill).

The Republican nomination: Searching for somebody different

A vigorously contested primary can only be a good thing for the people, and it probably helps the party build its bench, even if it’s a nuisance for the candidates (The Economist).

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