FEMA officials to assess storm damage


(Photo courtesy of the Tyler Tribute)

Officials with the Federal Emergency Management Agency are scheduled to begin storm damage assessment tomorrow in a 10-county area of of southern and central Minnesota.

Federal officials will try to determine cleanup and reconstruction costs to see if the region qualifies for federal assistance.

On July 1, a thunderstorm tore down power lines and wind turbines, flattened crops, destroyed farm structures and damaged about two-thirds of the houses in the town of Tyler in Lincoln County. An EF 2 tornado also struck the town.

Tyler City Administrator Dan Tolsma said about 10 houses suffered major damage.

“They’re more than likely going to be a total loss,” he said.

The city’s cleanup bill will be about $2 million. Tolsma said he doesn’t know if any state funds are available to help pay the bill because he can’t get any answers due to the government shutdown. He hopes FEMA officials can provide some answers.

In addition to the 10 counties, FEMA will also assess damage on the Mille Lacs Band of Ojibwe Reservation.

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