Shutdown concerns mount

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The possibility of a state government shutdown is real. The uncertainly and inability for lawmakers and Governor Mark Dayton to reach agreement is causing ripples of concern across the state.

From landlords to hospitals to construction firms, unease is growing in Minnesota’s private sector about the state government’s pending plans to suspend projects and lay off workers. Contractors working on state projects are pondering layoffs.

Budget impasse threatens Interstate 35 work in Duluth. At a gathering of city leaders in Rochester, the state budget debacle was issue number one.

For their part, Republicans have offered a compromise. KAAL reports, the Republican proposal is to drop $200 million in tax cuts, and instead, spend it on Governor Dayton’s priorities. In return, they say Dayton should give up the tax increase he’s proposing.

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Rural health leaders gather to worry about reform

The national law promotes the use of “accountable care organizations” to handle patients’ care in a more networked way, spreading the responsibility for care among a variety of providers. It also encourages the use of electronic medical records (Ground Level).

Hastings nursing home cited for neglect

A Hastings nursing home has been cited for neglect after a man fell in March and wasn’t properly cared for after the fall. The man died two days later at the hospital (Hastings Gazette).


Paul John Scott: Don’t shut down state because of a hypothesis

The state parks will likely be closing soon. If the state government shutdown sets in motion next month, we can thank the power of a hypothesis. We think we live in an age of information, but that’s flattering ourselves. We live in an age of hypotheses, otherwise known as beliefs (Rochester Post Bulletin).

Letter: Governor and legislature need to compromise

It is not right or fair that my work for the state of Minnesota should be affected because you and the governor cannot come to terms. All I am asking for is a compromise. – Andy Bindman, Hastings

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June 17, 2010: 1 year later

It was one of the most memorable days in Minnesota weather history. It also ranks up there as one of the biggest events for my broadcasting career with the Halloween Mega Storm in 1991, the Chicago heat wave in 1995, Monsoon storms and wildfires in Arizona, and last year’s Domebuster in December (Updraft).

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