Bemidji – A conversation on the region’s economic state

  • Karen Kimbrough

    Transportation in Bemidji is an issue. The bussing system is a joke. The city bus needs to run 24 hours and actually have real route stops ALL of the time. People need to be educated about the laws for bicycles. The people who yell at byciclists to “get off the road and get on the sidewalk where you belong” are so ignorant. Public education about this needs a huge push and just placing a few “share the road’ signs is not going to work. BSU has a bicycle rental system to rent a bike for the school year, but what about folks who just want to rent one for a day or a weekend? Bemidji needs bicycle rentals downtown and the entire community needs bike racks where we can lock our bikes up. These are ways those of us without cars or can’t afford gas are getting around or to work.