Fencing the Sauk


This week Minnesota Today is taking a closer look at the state of Minnesota’s rivers and streams. Part of our coverage includes updates from Todd Foster and Scott Miller as they make their way down the Sauk River in the central part of the state. The duo set out yesterday and didn’t get far before they ran into a fence that crossed the river. In fact, they report having to cross three fences on the first leg of their trip.

MPR News intern Alison Dirr reported on the motivations for the trip on Statewide yesterday.

The fences are illegal and pose a potentially serious risk to boaters. Farmers, with land on both sides of the river, have long used the fences to connect their pastures and reduce the risk of a cow meandering down the river.

Stay tuned to the Statewide blog and @mntoday as this week’s coverage continues.

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Here is a video from the location of the first fence the duo encountered.

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Marriage vote sparring begins

Just off the main drag in Pine City one recent Sunday, the seeds were being sown for what promises to become a grueling, 17-month campaign over Minnesota’s gay marriage amendment (Star Tribune).

As state delays aid, more Minnesota school districts may be forced to borrow cash

More school districts might have to borrow more money this summer as the state continues to delay aid payments (Pioneer Press).

State shutdown would be a leap into unknown

Minnesota’s state parks: Closed.

The state lottery? Frozen.

Minnesota’s most violent prisoners? Held back by a skeleton crew.

Taxes? Not so fast. Minnesotans would still be paying those (Star Tribune).

Walz touts new energy plan

In the middle of a looming American energy crisis, 1st District Rep. Tim Walz and a group of other congressional leaders have come together to promote a new energy policy that Walz said could contribute to long-term economic stability (Albert Lea Tribune).

Canoeist missing in BWCAW

Ty Sitter of Janesville, Wis., hasn’t been seen since Thursday, when he left his father and brother at their campsite on Swan Lake to go fishing near Grand Marais.

When he didn’t return, they found his canoe upright and unoccupied, with about 4 inches of water in it. His life jacket, tackle box and fishing net were there but his fishing pole was missing (Northland News Center).

Liquor sales could come to Wisconsin movie theaters

Alcohol sales could soon be coming to a Wisconsin movie theater near you. A provision of the state’s budget bill would allow movie theaters to seek a liquor or beer license (WDIO).


Darrell Ehrlick: Senators eschew party favor for local values

Don’t fool yourself: There’s still plenty of rancor and puffery going on at the Capitol. Still, despite the nonsense, there remain pockets of sanity, cooperation and precious middle ground (Winona Daily News).

Archbishop Nienstedt: Marriage amendment deserves our support

Our state House and Senate have placed a constitutional amendment on the November 2012 ballot that will define marriage in the State of Minnesota as the union between one man and one woman (The Catholic Spirit).


This week’s debate: Tim Pawlenty told an audience during a recent campaign stop that if you can Google it, then government shouldn’t be doing it. New Jersey and Louisiana are making large scale changes based on the idea that government ought to get out of the business of broadcasting (in the former state) and health insurance (in the latter).

We’ve had a few debates aimed at public policy points in the news (gun law changes, Voter ID, whether to raise taxes). This is a discussion that looks at your values… what you believe government’s role ought to be.

Two very worthy debaters will take on the task of arguing whether government should get out of services that the private sector can perform.

We would very much like you to come on in and add to that discussion.

Enliven this bedrock debate with your perspective.

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