Wolf researchers call to remove grey wolf from Endangered Species List

Adding wolves on the Endangered Species list 35 years ago has had its intended effect. Wolf populations throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest have rebounded after the animals were on the verge of extinction.

The Northland News Center reports the Minnesota wolf population is nearly 3,000. Wisconsin and Michigan are home to 800 and 700 wolves, respectively.

“When we started working with wolves in Wisconsin in 1979 there were literally four packs of wolves in the state, total population of 25 animals.”

Dick Thiel was the first ever wolf biologist for the Wisconsin DNR.

35 years ago, things looked grim for the grey wolf.

“And the consensus really was, we weren’t sure if these animals would ever become recovered.”

A public hearing about the possible de-listing of grey wolves from the Endangered Species List will take place in Ashland, Wisc. on May 18 at the Great Lakes Visitors Center.

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