A moderately severe winter


This winter could have been worse, the DNR has classified this Minnesota winter as “moderately severe” based upon the Winter Severity Index.

The index adds a point to locations based for every day the temperature is below zero and another point for each day where the snow depth exceeds 15 inches. Sam Cook reports the numbers in the Duluth News Tribune:

The highest reading, 193, was at Poplar Lake along the Gunflint Trail. That was the only station that fell into the “severe winter” category, although Snowbank Lake near Ely was close at 177. Here are some other final readings: Grand Rapids, 98; International Falls, 150; Isabella, 159; Eveleth, 150; Cloquet, 112; Brimson, 149; Tower, 164.

Here’s how the DNR classifies winters based on the WSI:

Mild winter — WSI less than 100

Average winter — WSI of 120

Moderate winter — WSI 121-140

Moderately severe winter — WSI 141-180

Severe winter — WSI more than 180

More winter-like weather is expected this week, but nothing that should significantly impact the Winter Severity Index.

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Yellow-rumped Warbler

Yellow-rumped Warbler by Marlene Sternberger via Flickr.

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