Finding beauty in the flood

On the muddy banks of the Minnesota River Chaska artist Richard Kochenash explained to the Chaska Heraldwhat draws him to the paint the river this time of year. “It is a time of transition. … The strength, the points of the ice and the energy” of the river are compelling.

The slipping and sliding around the Minnesota isn’t the most challenging environment Kochenash has worked in. To capture other natural landscapes he’s fallen down a ravine and out of a tree.

Ice chunks continue to flow in the Minnesota. The river left its banks near Henderson and has covered Highway 19, leaving the town with one viable road.

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Controlling the crowds while fighting floods

Growing concern over potential record flooding has Mankato public works employees taking extra precautions and limiting access to areas previously open to flood watchers. Some residents would prefer they be allowed to judge for themselves what’s safe and what isn’t (Mankato Free Press).

Minnesota home sales rise, bucking nationwide trend

While home sales across the country continue to fall, the housing market in Minnesota is showing some signs of momentum. Or at least stability (Star Tribune).

What’s wrong with Fairmont?

People in Fairmont are wondering what they can do to help the city grow and develop economically. “We need to figure out how we communicate about our community,” said Marques Doppler, CEO at Profinium Financial. “We seem to have a desire to keep Fairmont a secret, but we have a lot to offer” (Fairmont Sentinel)

Big brother hops on the bus

The Brainerd School Board Monday approved the transportation contract with Reichert Bus Service for the 2011-13 school years at a total cost of about $3.5 million. This contract represents about 5 percent of the district’s total budget (Brainerd Dispatch).

DNR considers fee increases

The DNR is proposing to raise fishing and hunting license fees, add new license options and reduce fees for children 16 to 17 years of age. The proposed changes are projected to generate approximately $13 million for the DNR, with about $9 million generated in the first year (New Ulm Journal).

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Spring Migration, It’s On!

We have turned a corner winter wise up in Minnesota-I was up and at ’em early in the morning this weekend and I heard a robin singing on territory in my neighborhood! (Bird Chick)

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The Common Cents Discussion on the State Budget

Taxes & Spending: Time to talk tax reform: The debate over dealing with taxes and spending are heating up at the state capitol. And so they are at MPR’s place for engagement, Insight Now.

Your job (should you choose to accept it) is to take this conversation to the next area – reform. Take a minute (really two and a half minutes) for a reset of our conversation in video form…

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