Duluth city council considers opposing anti-immigration bill


Duluth city councilors Patrick Boyle and Sharla Gardner are taking action against a Arizona-style immigration bill that’s being considered in the Minnesota Legislature. The Duluth News Tribune reports the two will introduce a resolution against House File 3830.

The bill would require local police officers to enforce federal immigration laws. Opponents to the law, including the St. Paul and Minneapolis police chiefs, say it would erode necessary trust among immigrant communities. Duluth councilor Jay Fosle told the News Tribune, “If someone’s afraid to call the cops, they probably shouldn’t be here in the first place.”

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  • Dave Francis

    The 14th Amendment clarifies that any child born on the soil of the United States, has immediate citizenship and all the benefits that is commanded by that law. Until this law is amended of rescinded the repercussions on this country are immense, spending in the billions of dollars each year. Many pregnant women lie to the Immigration and Customs official at airport terminals or just slip across the US borders, in the dead of night. Illegal immigration has become a controversial issue, as painful as the unemployment issue. After the 1986 Immigration Control and Reform Act, the American people expected the federal government to enforce the laws, which included severe penalties for businesses that hired illegal workers; instead the US people were financially-raped. Instead millions of Guest Workers received amnesty then left their farming jobs and vanished into the workforce nationwide. Those numbers that received amnesty, snowballed the chain migration, bring in family members that taxpayers now pay.

    Since then-SIX-other furtive amnesties has slipped by public notice and that doesn’t include the importation of approximately 1.5 million legal immigrants annually. By revising the 14th amendment the billions of dollars in education, health care, food stamps, Medicaid, Section 8 housing, cash payments and other undisclosed welfare programs could cease.In some States illegal aliens can collect Worker’s compensation and unemployment benefits. All that money could be diversified to senior Citizens, who haven’t received no cost of living payment in two years. Veterans living under bridges or in shelters could be allocated the low income homes that illegal parents allowed to stay, get preference for their offspring born here. All these public services and entitlements have been drawn away from the US workers, who paid into the system since the beginning of their working life. No matter what the pessimists and open border zealots say, every taxpayer would be willing to pay a few cents more to stop the fraudulent-oriented Guest worker programs.

    Taxpayer are being ripped-off by paying for those agricultural laborers when they get sick or injured, as the farmer is not obligated to pay for their children’s education the families health care. This has become a financially vicious circle that will not end, with either the deep entrenched Liberal-Democrats, Republicans or any political entity other than the committed TEA PARTY. The TEA PARTY is growing much faster from the dominant Republicans, and certain politicians are discarding there old parties to join this third party. The Tea Party is secular in definition, non-partisan with open registration for all legal racial, including ethnic majorities and minorities. The Tea Parties core values of Fiscal Responsibility, Limited Government, Free Market and a Strong National Security. We have great substance in the leadership who are fighting against the old, tired “Business as Usual” political hard liners, who will keep our taxes spiraling and spending our grand children’s futures.

    There will be no compromise with either party who keep the dollars flowing; printing more as our US debt are extended uncontrollably. All elected officials should be on notice that if you are anti-sovereignty and pro-illegal immigrant, they will be removed from office. That will be every Governor, Mayor, Police Chief and city manager. Every form of illegal immigration must be terminated, with businesses accountable and should be heavily fined, assets taken and long prison sentences. Obama’s team also needs to be held accountable, as with prior President George Bush and even Ronald Reagan’s leadership. Unions are also not be held to the same policies of enforcement, even though amongst their membership illegal workers are in their midst. The 1986 travesty sent both legal and illegal immigration, in the tens of millions and beyond into our country. The ultra-leftists are demoralized and the TEA PARTY has rattled their fetid cages, because the TEA PARTY has erased their wide open border ideas. Once the illegal immigrant war is won by building the real double fence and deploying 5000 troops along the border, we can cut-out all the special preferences such as Political Correctness “Press One for English.” If any minority wants to legally come here, they had better learn the national language, which is causing great hardships in our overcrowded schools.

    Extremely intelligent, the highest skilled workers don’t not need public welfare and never will and therefore should get special preferences to immigrate America is a place of opportunity, but the taxpayers are being overtaxed to pay for the foreign nationals who come here to steal the American dream, using child tax credits to profit. Criminals have compromised our tax code, and are thieving millions of dollars, as if the government stays ignorant to this fact. Our prisons are full of criminal aliens, drug dealers, murders, gang members and a complex assortment of nefarious activities. No more amnesties, immigration reform dream acts or anything else. The Illegal immigration issue should be important to every legitimate American, as it affects every-bodies pay check. There should be no exceptions to every county using Secure Communities police fingerprinting and detainment of individuals being processed, along with the new version of E-Verify. The new innovations to E-Verify will make it almost impossible, for any illegal worker to slip past the verification procedure. 287 (g) is still enforce around the country, to question any wrongdoer who is driving a vehicle. These tools must be made permanent and Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) can suck a lemon, as he tried to eradicate all these restriction programs. Other than California, Nevada has the highest population of foreign nationals in the country. America is a pressure valve for other corrupt governments for their unemployed and those living in abject poverty.

    Attention: Using veiled threats Acorn and its ilk, threatened the banking industry with boycotts, unless they loosened laws on lending. “Ninja loans” reluctantly given to low income, illegal aliens, with no credit, no assets, which crippled the housing market, were causing the financial crash in the USA. The Leftists will not advertise this explosive revelation; read about it on Google and the consequences.

    Always NO Copyright, ever. Distribute freely.

  • Kathleen

    Any elected/appointed official who refuses or objects to enforcing our laws is guilty of dereliction of duty at best and bribery at worst. In either case they must be investigated.

    When police claim enforcing (illegal!) immigration laws would diminish the trust within the (illegal!) immigrant community they insult the intelligence of any one with an IQ above 10. If they performed the job they were sworn and paid to do there would be no illegal immigrants to commit crimes and therefore no need to solicit their assistance.

    These police are paid by law-abiding citizens. It is the job of the police to protect those who reside here legally and not the special interest groups to which these police are beholden/owned.

  • Diane

    Are these people crazy?

    Illegal aliens and their children will grow and soon vote any American native out of office and take over.

    Wake up stupid people.

  • l

    Learn what you can do to help stop illegal immigration.


  • levotb

    The argument that’s foisted by the Open Borders crowd everytime a local ordinance or state law is proposed to enforce Federal Immigration laws is that illegal aliens who spot or know about a crime being committed or about to be committed by other illegals would stop reporting them. What’s ridiculous about this argument is that those witnessing the crimes are illegals themselves and neither they nor the illegals committing further crimes are legally allowed to be in the country! By allowing them to stay and report crimes, those communities/cities are in essence giving them “de facto Amnesty”. The only thing that is going to get the illegals to pull up and move out of a city, community or state is Arizona’s 1070 enforced to the hilt.

  • Dakota

    The 14th Amendment does not grant Birthright Citizenship to children born to illegals. To verify this, go to the Congressional Globe and search Floor Debates 14th Amendment….it is very clear.

    The phrase “subject to the jurisdiction” is defined as those not owing allegiance to any foreign power. Further the Constitution of Mexico claims jurisdiction of all children regardless of where they are born.

    The 14th Amendment does not need to be “changed” just enforced.