Terrorism comedy’s Minnesota debut in Duluth this weekend

Yes, that’s right, a “terrorism comedy.”

Four Lions, is a new film which got a lot of buzz after screening in the Sundance Film Festival. It went on to more acclaim and awards at the Los Angeles Film Festival and Austin Texas’s South by Southwest. Now, this subversive flick opens in Minnesota, not in Minneapolis or St. Paul, but in Duluth, in the Zimena2 arts theater on East Superior Street.

Four Lions follows the travails of four British, suicide-bomber want-to-be’s. It’s been compared to other off-beat social/political comedies like MASH and Dr. Strangelove.

Associated Press movie reviewer David Germain says Four Lions “is a movie that will have you gasping in horror even as you choke on your own guffaws.”

Wall Street Journal reviewer Todd Gilchrist describes Four Lions as “hands down among the funniest and most transgressive movies of the year.”

And yet, Four Lions is apparently not taking the United States by storm. The Uk’s Guardian website says Director Chris Morris has embarked on an unprecedented PR campaign to stir up some audience in the United States. The film opened to limited U.S. screens last week.

And now, it comes to Duluth, opening Friday November 12th, for a one week run, with show times at 5, 7:15 and 9:10. Tim Massett, with Duluth’s Zinema2 theater says they’ll even provide free popcorn at Friday’s 7:15 screening.

More information on Four Lions is available from Drafthouse Films.

Is America ready to laugh at terrorism? In Minnesota, Duluth will be first to find out.

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