Community journalism project underway in Fargo Moorhead

Fargo School Board Meeting November 9, 2010-1-1 from The People's Press Project on Vimeo.

A new community journalism effort is underway in Fargo Moorhead.

The Peoples Press Project is a non-profit arm of the weekly High Plains Reader. Peoples Press is working with students at Minnesota State University Moorhead to post video of local government meetings.

Organizer Duke Schempp says the Peoples Press provides non-partisan research, education and training. One of the goals is to increase access to information and support local voices that lack access to media.

Right now the group is providing school board and county commission video, but will soon add human rights commission meetings.

So far, the videos are attracting few viewers.

Schempp is a long time local community organizer, he previously headed the Moorhead-based People Escaping Poverty Project.