Rochester superintendent finalist for Macon, Ga. job

The head of Rochester’s public school system has been named a finalist for the top positions in Macon, Ga.

Rochester Superintendent Romain Dallemand will travel to Georgia this weekend for a final round of interviews, according to local television reports.

Dallemand is one of two finalists for the Bibb County school board position. The other is James E. Benfield, the current superintendent of Yadkin County Schools in North Carolina, according to an article in a Macon newspaper.

Dallemand became superintendent of the Rochester Public School District in 2007. He’s also worked in school administrative positions in Connecticut and Florida.

After he arrived in Rochester, the school district developed a five-year plan to close the academic achievement gap. The program is based on the assumption that students can be taught to be successful in any area.

In 2008, Dallemand told MPR that by 2013, all students in the district will be proficient in reading, math and science, and all will be prepared for careers after high school.

“I always like to say that in Rochester we have a very good school district. However, 22 percent of our students are not proficient in reading and in math” Dallemand said.

Officials with the Macon School District have told various media outlets they will announce the new superintendent as early as Nov. 4.

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