Dispatch from northeast Minnesota

bobk.jpgBob Kelleher, who covers northeast Minnesota for Minnesota Public Radio News, reviews important stories on his beat during Morning edition with Cathy Wurzer. He discusses a ban on synthetic marijuana in Duluth, an internal Republican poll that shows GOP challenger Chip Cravaack narrowly training Democratic Rep. Jim Oberstar and an $82 million high speed internet project for Cook, Lake and eastern St. Louis counties.

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  • don m

    Being nothing has happened with national ballast water legislation that rep Oberstar sponsered, since its pasage in the house 395-7 in 2008, it would be correct to assume it was all “bullshit” as rep Oberstar stated. Since none of the politicians in the country will publicly speak to this issue in front of national or state media, perhaps it may be time for “change” A Dec2009 report for congress suggest the cost of foreign imports would rise if national ballast water legislation were enacted. Job creation? or globalization?