Students test unmanned aircraft skills in competition down under

und uav.jpg

A team from the University of North Dakota — including three students from Minnesota — is headed to Australia for an international unmanned aircraft competition.

The Australian international UAV Outback Search and Rescue competition involves using a small unmanned aircraft with cameras to locate “Outback Joe”, who’s a dummy simulating a person lost in the Australian outback.

When they find “Outback Joe” the team has to drop a liter of water from the aircraft within 100 meters (about 109 yards) of the dummy without hitting him. The winner collects $50,000 (Australian).

No team has been successful in the first three years of the competition.

This year the UND team is one of 11 international teams approved to take part in the competition which starts Monday. Event organizers say it’s a way to demonstrate the usefulness of unmanned aircraft.

The UND team will be blogging about the competition.

  • Denise Semke

    Good Luck in Australia! I am sure you are well prepared and a bit excited so we hope that adds up to a GREAT COMPITITION! Safe travels!

  • Margie Dvorak

    Go Team Eagle Eye, so far so good. The USA is behind you all the way. Do us Proud! Go UND!!!

    Let all you hard work have a nice payoff…

    Good Luck. Margie Dvorak

  • loaliowLica

    so informative, thanks to tell us.