More great pictures from Minnesota photographers

The Minnesota Scenes feature on the Minnesota Today site highlights the work of amateur and professional photographers across the state.

Here are some great vertical shots that don’t work very well in the Minnesota Today slideshow. You can see a previous collection of vertical pictures here.

Anyone can submit photos to Minnesota Today. Just route your images into the MPR Photos group on Flickr.


Stone Arch Evening by Alex Noriega

Sadly, I haven’t had much time lately for photos or Flickr. In the short time I did have today, I was able to get down to the Stone Arch Bridge while there was still light. This was taken right as the church bells were ringing at 9:00pm, and the Wells Fargo tower was still in the process of lighting up. I’ve never quite been 100% happy with my previous night or blue hour shots here. I think this is more like what I was looking for each time I attempted before.


Tender Morning by Alex Noriega

Taken at Lake Calhoun.


Beauty in the Grasses by Marlene Sternberger

This little gal was down in a small stream bed when she was spotted.


Barred Owl by Marlene Sternberger


Bee by Marlene Sternberger

Bee checking out a Lupine


3/4 Moon and Four Stacks by Kevin Hamilton

Power plant near end of Stone Arch Bridge


Twin Cities Cedar Avenue Bridge by Dan Anderson

Looking up under the double twin span Cedar Avenue Bridge that takes MN Highway 77 across the Minnesota River Valley between the Twin Cities suburbs of Bloomington and Eagan. I’ve had a few questions if this was a flipped or mirrored in Photoshop and no, it really looks like this underneath.


Foshay by Tim Dewey

I came downtown to shoot from the open-air observation deck on the 38th floor (just above the letters), but was too late. The deck closes at 9:00pm.


Coming in Low by John Pihaly

4th of July fireworks sail into the Mississippi River in Saint Paul, MN. Still-burning fireworks hitting the ground is one of the most exciting parts. I’m amazed at the skills of the pyrotechnicians, and think about how just one small mistake could become a major disaster. Fortunately, spectators were kept back a safe distance and it was an amazing show.


I’ll Be Your Safe Harbor by Jeana Marie Photography

Sometimes it’s not a person who can be your source of refuge but more so a place. A place where life goes on, but in a different way. As if the Earth has spun to the perfect moment in time and you are the lucky one who happens to be at that magical place; a place where nothing and no one can touch you. A place where you can rest your weary head. A safe place. A harbor. I completely ignored the rule of thirds here and I couldn’t be happier that I did. This happens to be my favorite picture from that magical day in Grand Marais and when I look at it I can almost feel the sun on my face.

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