St. Paul gets its very own UFO

KSTP-TV posted some curious video captured in St. Paul under the headline ‘Unidentified flying object spotted in Twin Cities.’

Here’s KSTP’s only explanation of the video so far:

Raw Video: Unidentified Flying Object Spotted In Twin Cities on the east side of St. Paul Monday night into Tuesday morning.

Two other videos of the same odd lights in the night sky showed up on YouTube, added by the same user.

In the first one, jump ahead to 55-second mark for the action to begin.

August 10th, 2010: I was working on a project when my sister freakishly calls me to go out side to look. I didn’t see anything where I was but she insisted to come and pick me up to go and look. This is what we saw along with numerous neighbors. It just looks like some lights, but it was actually pretty creepy look. I don’t know if it’s some kind of crazy invention or an actual UFO, I guess we will have to see.

UPDATE 5:01 p.m.: Bring Me The News reports that St. Paul police say the lights came from a weather balloon with lights attached.

  • Matt C.

    A weather balloon with lights attached? That’s almost offensive. How dumb do they think we are?

    They didn’t even try to make something up that seemed plausible. They just said the first thing that popped into their heads. Where’s their evidence showing that it was a weather balloon? Do they just expect us to buy that excuse and shut up? This whole thing is starting to bother me a little.

  • natedog54

    So, is KSTP or anyone for that matter going to actually investigate this before they make claims as to what it is? Speculation is not investigation. Did anyone even think to call the airport to see if they had anything on radar???

  • barb brees

    My daughter and myself and husband and niece and neighbor seen this exact same thing august 4, 2006 at 1:00 am only we seen the craft itself only 200 meters away from us. from my house it was over larpenter and 35 moving about 3 miles an hour we watched as the lights in the middle of the craft rotated round and round. I will never forget. Never. I have seen many blimps in my life believe me this is no blimp no star and no satalite.

  • jamie

    Yup i saw them myself. me and my friend pulled overand jumped out of the car… then these mysterious lights landed in someones tree. it was wierd, not gunna lie

  • MrLPC

    There is a Film on the web called “The Greatest Story Ever Denied”. Watch the film then you decide the possibilities of what to believe. I found that anyone in authority can say anything to the mass public and be believed, even though it makes know logical sense. They said weather balloons 60yrs ago, and it still works today. They even have many convinced, and they will fight and defend a total lie.

  • steve

    poorly done hoax

    person very dumb tried to hoax

  • bob

    cheesy hoax*



    very boring looking


    any idiot could do a better hox than this



  • Joel

    I have no doubt that extra-terrestrials visit us, but this is not one of them. I think a balloon with lights is an entirely plausible explanation for this one.

  • mikislate

    You can say it’s a UFO but not aliens. It is just humans having a little fun getting people wound up.

  • john

    Unknown… certainly NOT weather-balloons. The only proper thing to do is ignore, deny, or blame satan.

  • virginia apel

    Blame Satan? I’m doing research on this at the moment and I’m convinced there’s actually something in that theory. Take a look at for example. I stumbled on this info while doing serious, scientific research on crop circles in Europe. Didn’t think this phenomenon would follow me here on vacation!

  • john

    virginia… I went to CE4 for a look, i’ll read more later. While i gratefully accept the saving power of Jesus Christ, i cannot credit a satan with fomenting evil. My own view is that perceived negative experiences vis-a-vis abduction scenarios is more akin to a psychological transference projection of one’s own fears, both personal and aculturated. The crop circles are fascinating puzzles! mail> bendigger0 at gmail

  • Kristi

    where were people who saw this? East side of St Paul is pretty vague….

  • Jethro

    Satan does nothing wrong you people blame him for everything when it’s god who is to blame the devil doesn’t kill people god does Jesus is the biggest jerk ever did you know that Mary was a whore. And aliens do exist they are satan’s kids they are helping other satanist feel better

    All hail satan

  • Myklite

    From what I have heard from witnesses, the object stayed in one spot for almost two hours. If they were balloons, wouldn’t they have been attached by strings to the ground? There was plenty of wind that night. I cannot believe the official explanation. It seems too hasty. We aren’t that stupid. Government surveillance? Over a highly populated area for two hours? You all know a ufo closed down a Chinese airport a month ago, right? From what I have read here, we aren’t ready for disclosure.

  • Kodos

    Your puny explanations containing weather balloons cannot stop us. Our invasion continues as planned. Soon we will have complete control of the T-shirt producing planet known as Earth.


    Kodos (and Kang)

  • virginia

    Hi John,

    Well I’m inclined to agree with you about the psychology, but it is also my experience that some psychological problems can actually be solved by just kicking out those pesky little demons. In any case, crop circle manifestations are accompanied by phenomena that are very common in the occult world, which is nothing at all new or from another planet (dimension, yes maybe). Whether that world is run by Satan is up for debate, but the phenomena are definitely related. I’m just looking at this from ALL possible angles and the CE4 site definitely has a different take from the New Age guys! And since someone mentioned Satan, I just added this as a “by the way…”

    If you are a well-versed Bible student, or someone who has “been there” an back, you may come away with something by taking a closer look.

    Keep an open mind and dig out the truth. It’s a fascinating filed. Great time to be on the earth. I hope…


  • Grey

    I believe it. Umm.. the universe is too big?

  • They have already looked into it …they said its not a weather blimp nor was it military defense in the area …they are looking into it with photos and tapes. to add to this It again appeared right in my back yard off of larpenter in east St.Paul on augst 12th into the 13th me and my husband and another couple watched it for hours…I called it into the news and an hour after a plane circled around the object , flashing lights n left!

  • Pamela
  • Miki Peltier

    Here is what I observed last night, August 12th, 2010, over my house area in St Paul, MN. First time ever seeing anything like this.

    Three things in the sky – equal distance between all three. There also appeared to be one other of these a distance away – same thing. First one has blinking light on top of it. They sat in the sky for at least 20 minutes – then the other two closest to the first one began to also blink – red/blue ish. I made my sons look, yes they said they are there, mom people are going to think you are nuts, they are probably just satellites. Hmm I think, not. Back to observing. Now they moved in sync, drop down a distance. Sit – move back up in sync, sit, now move at an angle, in sync – this continues. this pattern repeats itself – at least 4-7 times. After 45 minutes, give or take they leave. They appeared to the naked eye to be of oval shape – no telescope, sorry. I was in such amazement that I forgot to take pictures. But my camera is nothing special. I am 55 and have never seen anything like this. Miki in St Paul MN

  • Picotrain

    I live in NE St. Paul and I can tell you that these other people talking about the lights last night (8-12-10) are being honest. A bunch of neighbors were outside just staring in disbelief. This formation of lights looked like nothing man has made. I suppose it could be futuristic military machines but then I have to ask myself, why the hell would they be playing around over St. paul, just letting the public see them. To think there are no other life forms in the universe is the most arrogent thought i can imagine. Come see for yourself, they were here on monday 8-9-10 and they were back last night. Very exciting stuff, my wife said she would have never believed me had she not come out there and seen for herself. Absolutely otherworldly, and to you non believers, all I can say is that I hope someday you come face to face with something like this and you wreck your undies….because you will, trust me.

  • East Side

    I saw this earlier this spring! It was around midnight and I kicked myself for not waking my wife. It was exactly the same thing: 5 diagonal lights in a row, the one in the middle a little bit larger. When I saw it though, the outer lights looked like they were actually two small lights right close to each other that sort of whirled around each other. The “string” of lights just wafted back and forth. Believe me when I say that I am not a UFO hunter; I simply went to my back yard at about midnight and saw it in the Eastern sky about 45 degrees up. It was extremely weird–and fascinating. I told my wife and neighbors that until I am told differently, I saw a UFO. So strange that it happened again; I despaired of ever getting any sort of confirmation about this.

  • lil girl

    i’m waiting for 2012…….then we’ll see….

  • bUFOrd

    This is not




    -satan (the primitive people always have to assign their religions to this stuff)


    -christmas lights

    -chinese lanterns


    It looks like a rod, with lights mounted on each end and the center, supported by two weather balloons – the ‘fuselage’ of this object never blocked out the starlight behind it. So either it was transparent or extremely thin, like a bar.

    Plus given that it hovers over the same area several nights in a row…..hmmmm

    Plus, no eviscerated cows fell from it. hehe…

  • Chairmanceo-alian-contact



  • jason

    You figure now that everyone uses technology that you could do a better job filming this.

    Please learn how to use a camera

    and not from a Cellphone

  • steve

    Kyte with balloons

    done with a cheap budget

    LED lights and balloon

    HOAX is ver very poorly done

  • Answers

    I think it could be a big joke I just want to know how it was done .They say weather balloon but how can you put a light in a balloon and have it come back out while its in the air? look at myth busters they tried to create this the only thing that was different was the noise and how the lights where sitting on top of each other. I would like to try it.

  • Scott S.

    Based on the video evidence, it appears to be something of very low-tech construction. Lights that rock back and forth and waver in the breeze, (except for the fixed, flashing beacon in the middle), speak of lightweight light sources suspended with wires or string. Movement of various aspects of the construction could be done with radio-controlled motors. Probably a kite-like frame, with dull, blackened wind-catching material with hanging LED lights and launched from a building roof top or cliff, if not brought airborne like a kite with a line. I believe conditions on the night this occurred were windy. Could have also been easily suspended with darkened balloons and a hovering effect achieved with radio-controlled propellers.

  • BD

    The lights were seen on the north side of Eagan at 8:00PM the same day. The lights were much more intense and had more movement. I would estimate they are out about 1-2 miles to my north as I saw them off diffley. The ligths moved up off the horizon line to about 45 degress and bounced up and down from about the 30 to 45 degree line for about 20 seconds and then fell away. I did not even mention the incident as I was knew it was too hard for anyone to believe. Who knows what the thing is, but I’m confident someone does.

  • plymouth

    I was sitting outside Aug. 10, about 2 miles north of lake minnetonka and a large “shadow” passed over my yard. I didn’t look up, I was sitting under a table umbrella, and just after the shadow I heard an odd loud sound, like a muffled sonic boom. I didn’t know what i heard or what went overhead that momentarily blocked out the moonlight. The next day I heard all this UFO siting stuff….hummmmm???


  • Jeremy

    I know this was a little while ago. But you know how they said that it was some hick from the south flying kites with lights on them. There is no way someone could fly kites like that first off, thats obvious. But then you go onto and look at that date and time… and the wind is perfectly calm. Unable to fly a kite like that in perfectly calm weather news station. They kept saying it over and over again that it was the guy flying a kite, The most basic form of mind control is repetition. Doesnt fool me one

  • Rae

    I don’t know WHAT to make of this incident, REALLY, but I remember the night it happened. I didn’t get to see it (because I live in MPLS and don’t have a car) and I’m really pissed that I missed it! I would’ve liked to witness this with my own eyes and THEN kick back and theorize about it. I’ve seen weather balloons and things like that, and I’m pretty fuckin’ sure it wasn’t a kite or weather balloon. It was pretty damn windy, if I remember correctly… Wasn’t it just a few days before the meteor shower?

    Hmm… One thing’s for certain though… There’s no denying the existence of Gliese 581g… I’ll just dream that it has something to do with extra-terrestrials. X3

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