Wadena school seeks help for tornado-ravaged library


Photos courtesy Wadena-Deer Creek High School


The Wadena-Deer Creek High School got hit hard during the tornadoes that hit Minnesota on June 17.

Not only did the building suffer damage from winds, but the sprinklers also went off and soaked the library. Now the district is asking for donations to replenish to shelves.

A school press release explains the situation:

When the EF4 tornado inflicted its damage on the high school, sprinklers were activated throughout the building, including the library. Due to the unsafe structure of the building, the books remained in the high humidity of the high school for three weeks until they were removed by a specially trained crew. The books were transported to Wadena-Deer Creek Elementary School, where they were unloaded by volunteers. Unfortunately, over 7,000 books were contaminated or damaged and unable to be saved.

The district has teamed with an online donation site to help raise cash to buy new materials for the library. Those wishing to contribute can visit Funds4Books and then log in to Wadena school’s fundraising page with the code 2e65.

  • The northwest Minnesota Library System in partnership with the school system should contact nationally known authors- such as John Grisham and others who love libraries to organize a quick fundraiser event much like rock stars do for 3rd world countries to help the Wadena-Deer Creek High School

  • maggie snook

    hey can u guys help me out the wadena deer creek 8th grader including me are righting a report bout the tranjuty can u plz tell me wut inmportant thing u lost tht u loved the most