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Track Minnesota news by region. Follow stories by topic. Minnesota Today offers a variety of RSS feeds to meet your needs.

Items in these feeds are picked by an editor, so you get only the best, most timely stories. Headlines in these feeds indicate the original source and link directly to the original article.

All Entries

rss_icon.PNGAll entries RSS feed

News by Region


rss_icon.PNGCentral Minnesota

rss_icon.PNGNorthwest Minnesota

rss_icon.PNGSouthern Minnesota

rss_icon.PNGSouthwest Minnesota

rss_icon.PNGTwin Cities

rss_icon.PNGStatewide Stories

News by Topic

Most stories on Minnesota Today are tagged by topic. Each tag has an RSS feed. You can build your own by using this base URL — http://mntoday.mprnewsq.org/tags/ — and adding the tag term plus .rss. Example: http://mntoday.mprnewsq.org/tags/politics.rss

Here are feeds for several popular tags:







Best of Minnesota Blogs

This is a feed of items that stream through the Minnesota Today blog box. These are posts from Minnesota and Minnesota-related blogs — all hand-picked by a Minnesota Today editor.

rss_icon.PNGBlog Box

Minnesota Today Statewide Blog

This is a Minnesota Public Radio blog focusing on statewide news, issues and trends.

rss_icon.PNGStatewide Blog

Insight Now

Here’s a feed of discussions happening on the Minnesota Today “Insight Now” page.

rss_icon.PNGInsight Now discussions

Minnesota Sounds

This ongoing series features audio profiles about iconic Minnesota sounds and places.

rss_icon.PNGMinnesota Sounds

Audio Archive

These are nuggets from the MPR archive.

rss_icon.PNGAudio Archive

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