Minnesota DPS disses ‘Jersey Shore’ on seat belts


This is how Pauly D rolls during the first episode of the second season of “Jersey Shore.” (Image captured from MTV.com)

The Minnesota Department of Public Safety is hip to “Jersey Shore,” MTV’s hot reality show.

But like a disapproving father, the agency from flyover land couldn’t resist tweaking Pauly D and The Situation for failing to buckle up while driving.

We checked out the Jersey Shore premiere last night…What’s up with Pauly D and The Situation not wearing their seat belts?less than a minute ago via web

No mention of Pauly D taking both hands off the wheel. That’s definitely NOT the recommended “10 and 2” position I was taught in drivers’ education.

By the way, it’s against the law in New Jersey to drive without wearing a seat belt.

Here’s the entire ‘Jersey Shore’ episode: