Great photos from across Minnesota

We’ve been getting some wonderful submissions to the Minnesota Scenes feature on the Minnesota Today site.

The best, most timely images get featured on the Minnesota Today home page and in a slideshow.

Our slideshow works best with horizontal images, so you won’t see many tall pictures on the Scenes page.

But of course there are plenty of great vertical photos coming in from across the state. Here are some of the best.

Anyone can submit photos to Minnesota Today. Just route your images into the MPR Photos group on Flickr.


The S.S. William A. Irvin is a retired iron ore freighter that is now a floating museum anchored in the Duluth, Minnesota harbor on Lake Superior. She was active for the U.S. Steel company between 1938-1978 hauling taconite and passengers throughout the Great Lakes. (Photo by Dan Anderson)


Another shot from my recent Lake Calhoun series. I just can’t get enough of these mast reflections on the glassy water! (Photo by Alex Noriega).


(Photo by Marlene Sternberger)


Joe Lovano at the Twin Cities Jazz Festival, 2010, Mears Park in St. Paul. (Photo by Tony Ernst)


The Cathedral of St. Paul (Photo by John Pie)


Lola. (Photo by Greg Benz)


A lone oarsman from the Minneapolis Rowing Club, sculls up the muddy Mississippi River – taken from the Lake Street Bridge. (Photo by Dan Anderson)


A calm Lake Superior about a mile offshore near a fishing buoy. (Photo by Bryan Hansel)


This empty silo looks kind of lonely. (Photo by Tricia777)

Remember, you can submit your own photos!