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New HBO drama turns the lens on Stillwater

First Fargo, now Stillwater.

According to, Howie Deutch is directing and producing a new one-hour drama named after the riverfront tourist haven.

Deutch is best known for being the co-executive director of HBO’s “True Blood.”

According to the report, “‘Stillwater’ follows a New York City cop as his life spirals out of control when he relocates his family to a small town in Minnesota.”

It also states that Colin Farrell has been identified as executive producer, which has spurred speculation that the Irish actor will star in the show.  Hastings native Mark Steven Johnson has been mentioned as both executive producer and writer. Johnson wrote the scripts for both “Grumpy Old Men” and  “Grumpier Old Men,” the latter of which also was directed by Deutch.

  • Susanne Gomeasy

    Hopefully we’ll see some of the gorgeous Summer/Spring/Fall weather. We’re more than snow and sub-zero temperatures!!

    • Matt Kennedy

      Yes, all 4 months of Spring/Summer/Fall!

      • Guest

        More like 4 months of winter… Dec – March. But ha, quite the hilarious and unique joke there.

        • Matt Kennedy

          Ouch. I just got owned.

          • Blablathingy

            More like 8 months of winter and the rest – well, whatever.

  • Ben Groetsch

    Top Ten unusual regrets by Hollywood to Minnesota :

    10. Everyone looks white like frozen tundra.
    9. Askov and Finlaysion were mistaken as Nordic Vikings in one of the Sci-Fi films.
    8. Failing for letting Governor Dayton to take acting classes.
    7. Realizing that Sleepy Eye wasn’t an illegal drug from Mexico.
    6. Never knew that cheesy Macgyver guy was from Roseville.
    5. Allowing SNL alumni, Al Franken, as your U.S. senator from Minnesota.
    4. Hiring that boring Keillor from public radio was a mistake in the movie business.
    3. Branding the Mighty Ducks in a state where ducks are frequently hunted during the autumn.
    2. Mistakenly comparing Michele Bachmann to actress Jessica Lange.
    1. Glen Taylor doesn’t owned the LA Clippers.

  • Mark Kramer

    I hope in some way the show addresses the travesty the city permitted by allowing developers to destroy this once beautiful river town.

    • Mike Lokowich-Kohler

      yes yes yes yes yes yes and yes. Could not have said it better myself. Thank you for this comment.

  • Paul Piculell

    You build a big bridge and see what happens? Show people move in. I wonder if they’ll try to make a show that “runs deep”.

  • Dave Gutterud

    That cop will be right at home in Stillwater with Victoriano’s NY Style Pizza!