Art Hounds: Ethnic Dance, LEAV app, furniture as art

Ethnic Dance Theatre turns 40, an app which provides a portal to a new realm of art experiences, and fine furniture in Winona.

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Vicki EnglichA beautiful marriage of form, function and design is happening at the Winona County Historical Center, according to Vicki Englich, chair of River Arts Alliance. “The Art of Fine Furniture,” featuring the work of 12 artists/craftsmen, runs through September 11.

susanadipalmaEthnic Dance Theatre, says Zorongo Flamenco Dance founder Susanna Di Palma, has only gotten stronger and more artistically vibrant over its 40-year existence. EDT is celebrating its 40th anniversary with performances June 27-29, at the Cowles Center for Dance and the Performing Arts in Minneapolis.

daniel deanA mobile app, created by artists, which provides other artists a new, multi-faceted platform to present their work? Minneapolis artist Daniel Dean has tried the LEAV app and thinks it’s brilliant!

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