Does a good poet make for a good employee? Izzy’s thinks so.

Izzy’s, the Twin Cities ice cream chain, is marking National Poetry Month by hosting a “Haiku Hiring Party.”

Its goal is to hire 25 new employees who can start working in May, just as orders for cones and cups start to surge.

Have you got what it takes to scoop ice cream at Izzy's? And how are your poetry skills?  (Photo courtesy Izzy's)

Interested applicants are asked to submit an entry “in the form of an original haiku, other short poem, visual collage” or even an original sound/music clip.

Submissions should be sent to before 6 p.m. on April 25.

According to a press release, “once their submission has been received, applicants will receive a special set of instructions to a hiring party [this Friday], where they will play games, enjoy free food, and can start the next step of the hiring process.”

Hmm,  does this job come with health benefits?