Benedict Cumberbatch coming to Minneapolis? Probably not.

According to an article in the Huffington Post yesterday, Benedict Cumberbatch is scheduled to come to the Wizard World Minneapolis Comic Con in early May. It would be his first fan event appearance in the United States. Cumberbatch has enjoyed a sudden rise to celebrity status for his roles in Sherlock, Star Trek Into Darkness and The Hobbit 2.

Sound too good to be true? At this point, it is.

Debbie Hong at Wizard World Comic Con say that Cumberbatch is NOT confirmed, that his appearance is “still being negotiated” and that Comic Con is working to get Huffington Post to take down the article.

She says people who purchased tickets in response to the article will be given refunds.

Update as of 3:47pm March 13, 2014: Wizard World Comic Con staff now say that they will not be refunding tickets, only transferring them to other venues featuring celebrity guests that ticket holders would like to see.


  • Annetta

    Thanks for being the voice of reason and actually doing the research MPR! So many local news sources have run with this story as though it were confirmed having only read a single unofficial blog post from the Huffington Post.

  • Joel Holden
    • magic66

      That page is down now…..

  • estarmuerta

    How do people get a refund? I haven’t seen any information on that.

    • Marianne Combs

      Contact Wizard World directly and tell them you bought the tickets because you thought BC would be there. 310-648-8410

    • noillim

      FYI, I wanted to let you and other fans know that I just contacted their company and was told that Ms. Wong was misquoted here (yeah right) and Wizard World will NOT be giving refunds, basically because it supposedly wasn’t their fault, even though Benedict appeared on their website as well. I honestly cannot BELIEVE how crappy they’re being about this to so many fans.

      • derpasaurus

        They had his page up preemptively, Without an official announcement/press release from WW, there was never any solid yes/no that he was coming. It was Huffpost speculation that made people believe it was official.

  • Ramone

    Hoping to see Wizard World tank big time. The Twin Cities has an active community of comic, game, and geek culture fans that attend many of the homegrown, affordable cons (SpringCon, for example is $12, Convergence tops out at $120 for 4 days). Not only is an overpriced corporate presence like WW unwelcome (tickets go for as much as $200 for 3 days), but they’re terrible business practices make them plenty unattractive.

    • buffalonichols

      I disagree. There’s room for both. People like me want to go to these things to see the stars, which SpringCon and Convergence are lacking in. I’ve been to the Chicago one twice and while it is indeed expensive, I found it very worthwhile. It does kinda suck WW is doing this a couple weeks before SpringCon and potentially cutting into their audience, but I still think there’s a market for all of them.

      • Chris Walsh

        I agree that there is room for both. SpringCon and Fall Con are nice for local artists, but they cannot bring in any large or many new names. The shows the past few years have been the same. Crypticon has been improving too with their guest lists for autographs, but they are years away from getting a name like Robert Englund. It is nice to have WW bring in more well known people who would otherwise skip over Minneapolis.

        • Ramone

          “…they cannot bring in any large or many new names.” That’s factually inaccurate. Past years have had Adam Hughes, Jim Shooter, Dan Jurgens (returning this year), Peter Gross, etc.

          And as far as “new” goes there’s PLENTY of up and coming artists from the Twin Cities as well as other locales that come to Spring/FallCon.

          Last time I checked, Robert Englund wasn’t a comic creator.

          • buffalonichols

            I’ve never been that interested in going to the local cons. If you want to, more power to you. I have no idea who any of the names you mentioned even are. I’m sure they’re big among hardcore comic book fans, but not to the casual fan like myself.

          • Ramone

            Uh, so who would be someone you’d be interested in?

          • buffalonichols

            Benedict Cumberbatch for one, obviously. We went to Chicago last year to see John Barrowman, Wil Wheaton and Ralph Macchio and have gone in previous years to see Norman Reedus and Stan Lee. I’m kinda excited about meeting either Nathan Fillion or Ernie Hudson this time around. Haven’t decided what my budget will bear. I think your main concern is the “comic” part of the name, but that shipped sailed long ago.

          • Chris Walsh

            The Robert Englund comment was in reference to Crypticon, not Spring/ FallCon.

      • Ramone

        Wizard World attempted to purchase Spring/FallCon and the business they’ve spent a quarter century building up. When they were turned down, they set up shop just before SpringCon’s dates to take a bite out of their market share. Their play-dirty tactics are well-known in con circles. To me, they’re just a faceless corporation only interested in squeezing money from the whatever locales the encounter–not at all connected to the fun and loyal fans and creators based here in the Twin Cities. It’s a traveling circus show that’s here to rake in a coupla’ bucks and move on to the next town.

        Skeevy, shallow, and gross.

        More info:

  • Rebecca May Womack

    see…I didn’t buy my tickets yet because if its a package, the 3 day VIP is included…good side…i now can hopefully have the money for that VIP package by the time it is official he is coming to the con

  • Stephy

    The fact that some people buy tickets to a convention to see ONE PERSON still shocks and appals me.

    • noillim

      So what if it “shocks and appals” you. Fans can buy a ticket for whatever reason they want, whether it’s to see one person or 50. What I find appalling is that you would care at all and judge others for such a ridiculous reason.

      • Stephy

        It’s probably down there as convention rule number one. Don’t buy for one guest. There is always a chance that a guest can pull out at what ever time, even the day after an announcement, the day before the event. You want to have at least one back up to go and see! Conventions are fickle there is never a guarantee that a guest will 100% be turning up. You want to be sure you are going to be happy whatever the outcome before you go for and spend hundreds of dollars on it.

  • Amy Gleason Mytnik

    Ah well, there’s always Captain Kirk. I guess. sigh.