One, two, three – lift! Securian donates monumental sculpture to Weisman

Over the holiday weekend Securian Financial Group made a rather “weighty” move.

The Minnesota-based company donated a 9,200-pound sculpture to the Weisman Art Museum. That’s more than four metric tons.

Workers moved Tony Smith's "One, Two, Three" out of the Securian Building in downtown St. Paul.  (Photo courtesy Maggie Jensen)

 The steel sculpture is titled “One, Two, Three” and was created by Tony Smith, an artist renowned for his immense geometric designs.

Securian commissioned the sculpture in 1979 for its main lobby in downtown St. Paul. It’s made up of three pieces, weighing in at 1,900 pounds, 3,100 pounds and 4,200 pounds respectively.

According to Securian staff, Smith envisioned the three pieces scattered in the company’s large atrium “as if tossed like dice by the hand of a god.”

Smith died shortly after it was completed.

On Saturday morning Museum Services “picked up” the sculpture, which entailed dollies, a crane and a semi-trailer truck.

The company will refinish it before handing it off to the Weisman.  The University of Minnesota museum plans to install “One, Two, Three” outdoors at the McNamara Alumni Center.