Art Hounds: Cabaret, Tim Piotrowski, and the founding orchestra of the northland

Tyler Michaels as the emcee (center) in Theater Latte Da's Cabaret. (Photo credit: Michal Daniel)

This week’s hounds are very favorably impressed by Theatre Latte Da’s interpretation of the musical that made Liza Minnelli and Joel Grey famous, a collection of meticulously stylized fashion photographs, and the majesty of the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra.

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BrianHorrigan_MNHS_557It’s somewhat risky, says Minnesota History Center curator Brian Horrigan, to stage a musical as well known as “Cabaret,” but Brian says Theatre Latte Da does it brilliantly. Through Feb. 9 at the Pantages Theater in Minneapolis.

Smuda Headshot smBesides uttering the title as a mantra, artist and Shoebox Gallery founder Sean Smuda says photographer Tim Piotrowski’s current exhibition “The Changing Erotic Zones; a 150 year photographic illustration of the evolution of women’s gowns,” is informative, and subversively erotic. It’s a series of 30 staged photos of female models in period clothing from 1800 to 1945.

Lori Hanson, general manager of the Lake Superior Chamber Orchestra, says it’s time to get to know the Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra. On Saturday, Feb. 1, at 7 p.m. The DSSO will present “Three Bs,” featuring the music of Bach, Brahms and Barber. The program will include DSSO Concertmaster Erin Aldridge playing Samuel Barber’s “Violin Concerto.” The concert will be performed at Symphony Hall at the DECC.

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