St. Paul Mayor Chris Coleman reacts to city’s hipster award, considers buying fixed gear bike

The City of St. Paul is having a little fun with some recent news that claims the Lowertown neighborhood is “America’s top hipster zip code.”

The city released a press release celebrating the news, featuring some cool, ironic, hipster humor.

“I couldn’t be more proud that our efforts to create a cool, but not too outwardly cool, vibrant but not too showy, and modern but also retro-feeling culture in our Lowertown area has really worked,” Saint Paul Mayor Chris Coleman said. “I might even buy some oversized chunky eye glasses and a fixed-gear bike.”

“That’s old news, my friends and I knew that way back in like 2011,” said Jamie Hipster while perusing a rack of sized 28 x 29 jeans at the Black/Blue shop in neighboring Cathedral Hill neighborhood.

“I don’t think there’s anything I can really say,” said Saint Paul’s Director of Hipster Recruitment, Joe Spencer, who promptly cracked open a can of Pabst Blue Ribbon to celebrate the distinction.

You can read the full release here.