Skrowaczewski hopes locked out musicians concerts will send a message

Locked out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra play concerts Thursday and Friday at the Ted Mann Hall as part of their campaign to keep top quality classical music alive in Minneapolis.

Minnesota Orchestra Conductor Emeritus Stanislaw Skrowaczewski will conduct a program of Wagner, Mozart and Brahms. Skrowaczewski says almost 14 months into the lockout he hopes the concert will send a message.

“You know it is necessary for, you know, (the) public and for the orchestra to feel that it is still there and the importance of those concerts is enormous,” he said after a rehearsal this afternoon

Skrowaczewski, who is also marking his 90th birthday, says the concert sends a message to the orchestra management that locked out the players.

“To me it is a sort of answer to the board, that we are here, and I am so happy to do it. I would be so unhappy not to be able to do it, ” he said.

In response to a request for comment management issued a statement saying: “The board is willing to meet at any point to resume the contract talks that musicians recently broke off. This remains the most realistic, viable path toward a compromise settlement that will allow us to offer hundreds of concert performances for broad audiences across the state again.”

  • GI

    When I saw the word “compromise” in the last sentence of the article, I had to read it twice to make sure it wasn’t a misprint! Is the board finally abandoning their “my way or the highway” approach to “negotiations”? Sadly, no. Just more PR blather and drivel – the musicians were right to walk away from the latest attempt by management to force them to listen to their same tired talking points yet again. We’re ALL tired of hearing it.

  • akadams

    Who is that speaking, in the generic role of “management”…? Is it Gwen Pappas, in her PR role? Is it CEO Michael “Bonus-gate” Henson? Is it Richard Davis, of the $18 million-dollar salary? Is it Jon Campbell, the president of the board who doesn’t even care for orchestral music enough to attend concerts?
    Names would be nice.

  • 1739camilli

    Management seems to be following the old Joseph Goebbels paradigm – tell the same lies over and over again until they become the truth. Compromise? What a laugh!

  • Mark Carter

    I think broad audiences is a euphemism for scheduling more ghastly pop concerts. These guys just don’t get it. No point in talking to them any more. They need ignoring now. They must remove themselves or be removed.

    It was a wonderful concert by the way. I was there last night.