Review: ‘Homefront’ a high-octane thriller that delivers

If you are a fan of Jason Statham or Sylvester Stallone, you’ll expect one kind of thing from the new film adaptation of “Homefront.” If you are more partial to Chuck Logan, who wrote the original novel, you’ll expect something else. The question is, who’s the winner?

Stallone took a lot of liberties with the script. He moved the action from northern Minnesota to Louisiana, of all places. He also took his hero, a shaggy northwoods type, and converted him into Jason Statham — complete with a British accent. But Logan, the original author, was delighted that Stallone kept the relationship between the hero and his daughter as strong as it was in the novel.

Still, purist fans of Chuck Logan will be disappointed. But they should give the film a chance; it’s a high-octane thriller that delivers the goods with a bit of nuance unusual in action movies.

So who’s the winner? Logan. He’s more or less OK with Stallone’s changes, and regardless, he’s set to cash in on “Homefront” book sales.