Minn. Orchestra musicians reject latest contract offer, seek mediator’s return

Locked out musicians of the Minnesota Orchestra today rejected the most recent offer from management and called for a resumption of the mediation process.

The management proposal was for two months of negotiations with musicians paid under their old contract, followed by the imposition of a two year contract including a 25 percent pay cut if no agreement was reached.

Musicians unanimously rejected the proposal in a secret ballot and called for a return to an earlier proposal put forward by the mediator, musician negotiator Tim Zavadil said.

“We are asking our management and our board of directors to reconsider and accept the mediator’s proposal, and join us back in the mediation process,” he added.

However, management says the mediator’s plan would have cost it almost $3 million with no guarantee of a deal.

Both sides now say the ball is in the other’s court.