Poet Éireann Lorsung returns to Minnesota with “Her book”

Poetry can take you places. Just look at Minnesota native Éireann Lorsung, who since earning her MFA at the University of Minnesota has lived in England, France and now Belgium. Lorsung edits the journal 1110 and co-runs the small press MIEL.

Lorsung is back in town, and Tuesday evening will read from her second collection of poetry, “Her book.” It’s filled with lovely tributes to artist Kiki Smith and ruminations on beekeeping, including the following piece which seemed perfect for a warm August afternoon.

Lorsung’s reading begins at 7 p.m. at Micawber’s books in St. Paul. She’ll be joined by St. Paul poet Katrina Vandenberg.


Bee Summer


The basement room

lined with sun


full summer



When clover is

bees are


Air & pollen in the lung


Bees will always be there

wild rose pinkening outside


and now

even in winter


there is no winter


— “Bee Summer” by Eireann Lorsung, from her collection of poems “Her book.” Reprinted here with permission of Milkweed Editions.