M.I.A. celebrates a big year

The Minneapolis Institute of Arts is celebrating record attendance following a year of blockbuster shows.

MIA staff celebrate the huge number of visitors through their doors this year. (Image courtesy of the Minneapolis Institute of Arts)

MIA President Kaywin Feldman announced that  attendance for FY2013 is at an all-time record of 679,753 – an increase of 48 percent over  last year’s total of  456,410.  A lot of that is due to exhibits that were big draws. Rembrandt in America drew 107,000 visitors, and China’s Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor’s Legacy drew 150,000 visitors.

There are more good numbers to report: MIA membership is up to 24,371 this year, from 17,347 for last year.  This has also helped with a balanced budget of $28 million, and an endowment of  $200 million.

There is also the gift of the Clark collection of Japanese art worth $25 million. Collector Bill Clark of California joins the MIA board today, and his collection will be the basis of a major show in the fall.